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  1. Hallo, maybe this will help... I also have the Eq6. you need to do some fine adjustment.. http://timsastroblog.blogspot.com/2007/04/little-tune-up-for-eq6.html Regards John
  2. Hi , I have the Eq6 Mount, and I updated to syncscan, changed the Motors, so I have two Original from Eq6.. Dont know if they will fit the eq5.. If it helps , let me Know. Cs John
  3. Hi Nikos. The Eq5 & Eq6 are well known for thier grease problems ( Made in China) if you are considering taking your mount apart, i have done this, I would clean out the old black grease and use http://www.klueber.com/en/lubricants/lubricating-greases/ this is the Best Grease for the job.. Dont use Wd-40.. Clear Skys John
  4. Hi, Try this... I know its in German...http://starchaser.de/deepskystacker-fuer-mac-osx/ Let me know if you need help.. Cu john
  5. Hi , just a thought, it has been mentioned before, check out your screws, etc.. I had a C11, and had the same probleme..One of the screws was in too far, therefore gently touching the Mirror.. Going back to what you mentioned before, "as I did have a another shoe for a finder scope on it and removed it the other week".. your scope was fine before, since you have made a slight change... whay may be happening, is that the mirror is yes moving, but rubbing against a srew, as we say (its squinty) common Jimmy , I would completly remove the new shoe, & screws, and try again.. We want to see your scope working.. Cu John..
  6. Hi , Have a look here. https://stellafane.org/tm/newt-web/newt-web.html John
  7. Hallo Alireza, Try doing a two point aligning your Mount, then try Show position.. Then we take it from there. Regards John
  8. Hi , I also use Deep Sky Stacker 3.3.4 have no issues, could you put your Files on drop-Box, then we can aybe solve the problem.. Cs John
  9. Hallo Peter, Thanks for your reply, To admit , i was too lasy to check my settings on BYE, just wanted to set up things, then off to Bed.. Btw, I was trying to Take a Photo of the Cone nebula. Now as you said, i noticed that the exposure was too high ( 1600), need to change that, and also i dont have any L.P.F. Now things are starting to come back, i checked my camera settings, and i noticed that the Noise reduction was turned off, if that will help i will have to check that one out.. Do you thing that Dithering would help to solve this noise Problem? Any ideas ? Cs John
  10. Btw , Thanks for the Utube Link Steve. John
  11. Sorry about that.. Equipment.. Eq6 Mount, with eqmod.. Williams Flt 110, Also Guided.. Camera Canon 350D unmoded. Seeing , too much night light , Airport in the near, Lights 30.. 10 Frames 120 Iso 800 10 Frames 180 Iso 400 10 Frames 240 Iso 1600 Also darks .. No Flats , Bias Hope this helps.. Cs John
  12. Hi Folks, Could do with some help here! After a long time of absence, I managed to go out last night to take some Lights Etc.. just experimenting. i have forgotten how to process these lights. I stacked them in Deep SS,and the results came out as followed. i put them in Dropbox.. please feel free to try to make something out of this,, cause i cant.. Be glad of any critik or suggestions.. Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/wguo2shrz0xgvb5/Autosave011.tif?dl=0
  13. Thanks again folks, that looks very interesting , I have not been able to try out after the cleaning I made, if that does not work, its worth a try.. Tonights weather over here looks promising.... I will keep in touch.. Thanks again.. Bogdog & Chrish Cu John
  14. Many thanks for your Information.. I have tryed once again to clean the sensor, being very carefull, then made some flats which showed up the dust, and gradually one by one removed them. So I hope this might work out when the sky clears up again.... Btw... My m42 in the bin.. Clear skys folks.. John
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