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  1. Hi, My name is Steve and I'm a beginner. My night sky viewing hasn't been going so well this year. I have a Skywatcher Heratage 130p and last year got some great views of Jupiter, Mars and the Orion Nebula. Where I live has medium-high light pollution. The garden is mainly grass with holes and other issues in the dark due to the kids dogs and lack of regular cleaning up. So I bought the 130 on a dobs mount thinking I'd stick it in the camper and when we went away to dark sky campsites I could sit out and use it. Unfortunately we've had cloud, rain or campsites where people insist of bright f
  2. Hi Proflight2000, I'm not expecting great results I'm after something that will simply act as a reminder of what I was looking at. If jupiter looks like a fuzzy disk with a trail I'd be happy for the moment. Going forwards I'm sure to get fussier but right now I'm getting nothing at all. The Heritage 130P is a 130mm reflector F6.5 on a dobsonian mount. No tracking
  3. oh... well in that case it would spin as I focused which would be quite awkward! I'll give it a try, tonight if the sky is clear enough. Thanks for such a speedy response
  4. I got one of these for my birthday, anyone else using one? There where no instructions (as seems to be common with seben kit) and I have a couple of things that I'm finding confusing. I'm using it with a SW Heritage 130P. First, 'integrated fine adjustment'... where? Second, there is a screw opposite the clamp that appears to do nothing? Third, another screw at the end of the bar the camera attaches to - why? Fourth, the clamp compresses the focuser thread so it becomes hard to turn. If I leave the clamp loose the camera is not secure. I can get round this if I'm careful but it does make it ha
  5. My wife bought me Turn Left for our anniversary. It specifies that it is more relevant to the northern hemisphere from 30d to 60d lat. Targeted scopes are small refractors (2-4") and 6-10" reflectors so for people like us with a 4.5" reflector it does seem like we've been missed out but it's reasonable to expect that you will be able to able see slightly more than a 4" and less than a 6". I've only read the first few pages explaining about the book and how to set up and aim the scope and found it quite good. My only complaint would be the form factor and that its ring bound.
  6. The 10 and 25 that came with the scope both focused, although even the 10 was not as sharp as I would like. Perhaps I just need to wait for better weather.
  7. I tried again tonight, the sky was moderately clear but damp, the garden squishy and after 15 mins the daughter turned on the kitchen light and floodlit the back garden for half an hour while making some tea so I gave up. In that short time I could not tell if the shield really helped but it didn't hinder. I still could not get the x-cel 7mm into focus.
  8. Thanks, When I got back tonight I raided my daughters camping gear for her old ground mat and my wife's craft box for of adhesive Velcro. Took a while to get the shape right but I now haves snug fitting shield. Not sure if I should cut the length down or leave it long like this?
  9. Hi, I got my scope for Xmas as hoped. It's a skywatcher heritage 130p flex tube. I also got a celestron omni x2 barlow and a x-cel 7mm Ep. Together with the supplied 10 and 25mm I hope this gives me a good range without going overboard on magnification. My first targets where Jupiter and the Orion nebula. With the 10mm lens I got a fairly grey image of Jupiter but could just make out the bands but I could not focus the 7mm successfully. I noticed as time went on it was harder to focus and the images became less distinct and detailed. I believe the mirrors and perhaps eyepieces are fogging up.
  10. I must have been a good boy. I got a skywatcher 130p dobs. A celestron 7mm ep and a celestron x2 barlow. Hope to get some clear skies tomorrow to try them out. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for this thread, I've been wondering the same thing but have a Panasonic lumix tz7 already. I thought it only did an 8sec exposure but thanks to this thread I found the starry sky setting and got a terrible photo this evening. Set to 60 secs and got star trails and glare from nearby light pollution sources plus seeing is lousy tonight but proof of concept. Happy bunny.
  12. Could you take your 15 seconds, then line it up again and take another 15 seconds, then repeat a few times? Some video clipping and aligning would be required but if you can do it you should get better results? Not that what you have is bad, what camera/setup was it?
  13. EagleC


    My first attempts of astro photography focusing on the moon
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