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  1. Silly question time.I have removed the diagonal,should the bit that that was connected to screw off?If that makes sense! Sooty.
  2. The focuser is a Antares dual speed crayford for SCT's,tried again this morning to fit it,back to bed now!!! Sooty.
  3. Hi Peter,the adaptor was from RVO,(Skywatcher model). Does seem different from the FLO one. Will try again to fit it,before contacting FLO. Sooty.
  4. For the past hour i have tried to fit a Antares dual speed crayford,just can't get my head around it.I have the MAK-SCT adaptor,but everything i tried just does't fit,the adaptor looks to small. The light has faded now,so will have to wait until tomorrow. Must be something simple i've missed,i hope. Regards, Sooty.
  5. sooty


    Hi Rob and welcome to SGL. Don't be afraid to ask questions,even if you think it may sound stupid. We all started somewhere. Sooty.
  6. sooty

    Hello from Derby

    Hello, from a cloudy Matlock.And welcome to SGL. Sooty.
  7. Had a nice couple of hours earlier.Having read so much on here about GoTo,it went surprisingly well,(thanks all).The seeing wasn't great,and jupiter was behind some trees.M1 and M31 eluded me,even struggled with the bins on the latter!Lined up on Rigel through the handset,just to check all was well,and cranked the power up to 270x,which was way to much,then nipped inside for a cuppa,whilst the scope cooled. Fifteen minutes later,still inside the field of view,so i'm happy with the tracking,(Astro Baby,you're a star!).Still no M1,think i glimpsed M31,the moon was up by now,so into the handset and GoTo,well it was in my hand,shame not to use it:).Quick look at Almack and Castor,both stunning,although Castor was tricky.Slipped the 40mm eyepiece in,then onto M35,36 and 37,must have go at sketching those.And finally,M42,which was absolutely breathtaking,such 'ghost' like.I know the Maks aren't favored for deepsky stuff,but i'm happy with it at the moment. Sorry for the long post,but i am quite chuffed. Regards, Sooty.
  8. Thanks for the link Kev.Will try the 'clothes peg' next time,and see how i get on! Can't seem to find the Crayford focuser for SCT,on FLO's site, but have come across this: : Rother Valley Optics Telescopes, Binoculars & Accessories Regards, Sooty.
  9. Any advice on which type to purchase? I understand that i will need a adapter,so it will fit the Skymax 180. The reason is,the other night whilst observing Jupiter,albeit briefly, when i changed eyepieces and tried to focus,the image seemed to 'jump' up,then it would 'fall' back into the centre of the eyepiece,if that makes sense!! Also,i have just read on here,about the 'clothes peg' trick.Not had a chance to try yet though. Regards, Sooty.
  10. Thanks Ed.Will have a look at the solar filters. Sooty.
  11. Hello all,and merry xmas. I currently have a ST80, on a side by side mount with a Skymax Pro 180,would the ST80 be useful to observe the sun,with correct filtering. Would love a PST,but santa didn't produce the goods!! Regards, Sooty.
  12. Welcome to SGL,and a merry xmas,from Matlock.
  13. Had a brief go with the Mak earlier tonight.The moon in between clouds looked fantastic through a 40mm eyepiece,then swiftly for my first view of Jupiter.The belts were clearly visible,although it was 'dancing' around quite a lot! Is this what you call bad seeing? Also,there was a blue colour,near the top of the planet going around to the right,presume that is a collimation issue,but hoping not.Also,it is in a observatory,so i presume that it won't be anything to do with cooldown time.Never noticed anything colour wise on the moon. Regards, Sooty.
  14. You could try Orion Optics,think they have place at Crewe. Sooty.
  15. Hi all. Recently purchased the Astrozap flexi-heat dew shield,to fit a Skymax Pro180.The FLO site recommended 7-8" Mak/SCT.Just tried to fit it and it just slips off! Never used these items before,but surely that shouldn't happen.Any tips? Was thinking about wrapping some electrical tape around it,just to hold it in place. Regards, Sooty.
  16. sooty


    Welcome to SGL. Sooty.
  17. Will keep an eye on this topic,because i think, i will be having the same problem,regarding the roof.Not got a laptop (yet),so unable to use EQMOD. Sooty.
  18. Well,the obsy is not far short of completion,just waiting for a electrician mate to put the power in.The sides are cladded in 1/2" OSB,but unsure about what to do with the roof,with it being metal,i just thought lining it with foam.Any recommendations? Regards, Sooty.
  19. Hello, and welcome to SGL. Sooty.
  20. Cheers Brian, Was trying to use the vista drivers by accident *schoolboy error*! Note to self; no Stella at lunchtime!
  21. Hey all Have just purchased the Philips webcam from Morgans and tried to flash it using WcRmac. After a reboot the webcam is now recognized as new hardware but windows recommends not to install as it could make system unstable. Carried on with installation anyway but the camera has now disappeared from all settings and is not connected. Even after system restore I cannot find it. I have saved original setting in WcRmac, but as I cant find the cam I cant reverse the flashing process... Please help!
  22. Any recommendations anyone? Regards, Sooty.
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