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  1. All good stuff guys. Thank you! I'm very excited about this project. And this part is the easy part! lol Best, Gene
  2. Perfect. Thank you! I certainly don't want to lose a night to dew. What would be the difference? Great. I'll check that one out too. Awesome. Just wait till you guys see what I use as the foreground. Best, Gene
  3. Also I'm looking to get exposures of around 40 seconds. Usually anything past 30 you start getting trails unless the whole setup is moving somewhat in line with the stars. Best, Gene
  4. Thank you! Thank you! Do you have any knowledge with dew control measures? Best, Gene
  5. Hi, I'm trying to do a project for my astronomy class. Part of what I'm going to need for this project is the ability to do time-lapse star photography. I've included a link below so you can see exactly what type I'm talking about. I'm going to use my Canon 5D mkiii for this. I have a pretty good idea of the camera settings however I'm not sure of the best mount to get. Frankly I think the footage not accounting for field rotation looks best so I can just go with an alt-az. I was considering something like this : http://www.telescope.com/Mounts-Tripods/Altazimuth-Mounts-Tripods/Orion-Sta
  6. Olly, Thank you again for the tremendous information. I think I realized what the discrepancy is. I don't believe my professor is thanking about photography. I think he's assuming just basic observational stuff. Which, seeing as there's a big difference, I wonder what the best thing is for me. Now I'm thinking maybe just a good all around standard scope like the one he suggested for viewing things. I'll be able to take photos of some things with it. I absolutely won't be able to take photos of everything, at least not without great difficulty and software. The questions I come up with
  7. Olly, Thank you for all the excellent information. My teacher said the SCT is the way to go, and since he'll be teaching me how to use these things next semester I think I'll go that route. He said you can still get pretty good deep sky with the Edge HD because it's adjustable. Would the mount that comes with the telescope be able to guide it with sufficient accuracy or should one get the scope without the mount then buy a better mount? Thank you! Best, Gene
  8. So I, ignorantly, email this guy just to see what's up. I had no idea the range of an acceptable offer. He said he's open to any offer but it's been listed in the past for $795,000. wow! I had no idea they could get up there for the amatures. Maybe next time. lol Best, Gene
  9. So i spoke with my astronomy teacher and he recommended the celestron edge HD pro 14". He said it's flexible enough that I'll be able to see anything I want and it should last a long time. He also said a ObservaDome or a AshDome is the way to go. Also I should get a pier setup. This all sounds good and sets me off in the right path. Any suggestions on what else I would need? I'd like to be able to hook it to a computer and to do imaging with it. Thank you! Best, Gene
  10. Awesome! That's sounds like a ton of fun. I've got a JCW Mini pushing around 250hp and a ton of torque, jcw suspension, brakes w/ss lines, and took the rear seats out. Fun little hoonigan.
  11. Thank you! So one is very limited by the mount you get? When I was looking at something like a LX200ACF I saw it came with a mount, I think. Does one normally order a telescope with mount or find a separate one? So would one get a LX200ACF and then some kind of big newtonian in addition? I need seriously low level advice! lol btw...what kind of Audi? I love me some cars. Best, Gene
  12. This was a concern I had. I realize I'm putting the cart before the horse here. I can't say exactly what I'm going to be most interested in. My school has an observatory on the roof and they use a Meade LX200ACF. Since I'll be using it frequently next semester I imagine I'll get into whatever aspect that telescope is best suited for (do you know?). As my other hobby is photography I'm certain I'll get into imaging. Do imaging and viewing have to be independent of each other? I admittedly am very short on knowledge here and sadly my timeframe on this is coming earlier than I would hope.
  13. Awesome reply....and noted not he sealing! Does anyone have any input on equipment?
  14. Very cool. Thank you! There are some great ones in that link. Best, Gene
  15. Thank you! To make this more ridiculous the house is actually a stone castle. This lends me to believe there shouldn't be much in the way of vibrations. Is it as good as being on the ground, probably not, but it's a seriously solid structure. Also, there's no way we'll be able to run steel down to the ground. In the image you can see the high circular point on the left side. That cylinder is a room whose floor is even with the rest of the roof. The idea is to replace the circular roof with a dome and use the room as the observatory. Best, Gene
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