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  1. 2 hours ago, Rodd said:

    Awesome--get that in color!


    Thats the colour it came out Rodd. It is a yellow double though and it is a bit yellow. Still learning on processing images.....

  2. Hi there, wonder if anyone can help. I am moving from my laptop to my new pc to do my astro processing and all was going well til I tried to load DSS 3.3.4. onto my PC with windows 10. I cannot get it to run. the live version runs but not the other. I googled it and someone said update microsoft visual c++. Did that but it still wont run. When I double click it a box attempts to open but this lasts miliseconds. I downloaded Dss from yahoo groups website. Any help most appreciated


  3. Just seen the local north west news ( uk ). 26 dark sites on the Isle Of Man, so jealous. The TV pictures of the night sky were amazing. It also showed the observatory in central manchester and the local chap said " at least you can still see the moon ". How I would love to live on that wonderful island. Incidentally, I live half a mile from the wharehouse that supplies nearly everything the Isle of Man requires. Loads of wagons going past, and light pollution, as it is a 24 hr job, 365 days a year.  How ironic.

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  4. I am thinking of making a solar filter for my scope but not sure what film to use. Some say Baader and others the stuff from amazon that makes the image yellow or orange, although some reports say this does not show clear  images. I therefore would like any help in making my mind up. Thank you in advance for any input........Geoff

  5. Thank you everyone with your help. My PC is just about dead and all new ones seem to have windows 10 on them, but it looks like I dont have to panic. I am not computer savvy and the thought of "fiddling " with drivers or "cloning drives " or "emulators " fills me with dread.            Thanks once again    Geoff

  6. I am thinking of buying a new PC but I am worried that Windows 10 ( I use windows 7 at the minute ) might cause bother with the likes of DSS, Registax 6. EQascom, Stellarium etc. I have heard horror stories about drivers not driving so to speak, am I being a bit paranoid or is windows 10 ok ?

    Regards     Geoff

  7. 22 minutes ago, stanford__ said:

    Beautiful photo!

    It's photos like this that really reinforce my desire to do this! 

    Out of interest, which scope and mount are you using? 

    I used an EQ5 mount with the skywatcher motor kit. This has an ASTROEQ interface and use EQMod to run it. I used a Skywatcher 200p scope and attached to that was my canon 600d

    Hope that helps you. I must say the mount only just manages the weight with the camera on

    Regards    Geoff

  8. 8 hours ago, RSM said:

    Great first go Geoff. Hope you got the same buzz as I did when I first saw the feint outline of the Galaxy in your subs. I agree that you need more exposure time. Few more clear nights and you'll have a great image I'm sure. 


    I got giddy when I removed the red cast and started stretching the histogram and slowly but surely she revealed herself. It is so easy at this point to go too far with your adjustment in your effort to get an image.......Bit by bit the galaxy came into view....." Right, where is the wife, I will show it to her for the millionth time "...LOL

  9. Yes John. 40 x 30 second subs. 15 Dark frames. 15 Dark Bias frames. ISO 1600. Used my Canon 600D attached to my scope via a T adapter. Focused with a Bhatinov mask using live view on my camera zoomed in. Arcturus I think it was. Went through the 40 frames to weed out obvious bad ones ( there was three ). Stacked in DSS v 3,3,4. The resulting image went straight into photoshop with no tweaking in DSS. Then followed a set of tutorials by Doug German (google him ). I managed to remove a lot of noise from the stars but not from the galaxy alas, need more subs. But, I am happy with my first attempt.

    Regards Geoff

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