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  1. Great color treatment and presentation! Very effective. Jim
  2. Here is one final one from this morning. This was imaged with a ZWO ASI 120mm CMOS camera and the Coronado 90/BF30. I shot this one with the 16bit setting in Firecapture. Jim
  3. Here is some prominence action from this morning as well. Same scope and camera. Jim
  4. Thanks fellas--explains the lack of an edit link. Jim
  5. Thanks Luke--- I seem to be mucking up trying to edit posts. This site takes some getting used to, lol. Is there an edit posts link I am missing somewhere? Jim
  6. I cant figure out how to edit posts on this site so here is a slightly sharpened version.
  7. Hi Folks Here is today's full disk with a Coronado 90/BF30 and DMK 41 camera. Enjoy Jim
  8. Thanks folks-- As far as the ASI is concerned I was pleasantly surprised by its performance. I haven't seen any fringing issues yet. If I had to rate the three (DMK 41, ASI 120, and the Skyris 445m) , well--I just listed the order, lol. Celestron needs to open up the gamma settings on the Skyris. Jim
  9. Hi Folks, Here are a few Ha shots with my Lunt 100 and ZWO ASI 120mm and DMK 41 cameras from this morning. Enjoy, and thanks for looking! Sample below, and the rest at http://scopetrader.com/jimlafferty/?page=59 Regards, Jim
  10. Here is a higher res image using the Skyris 445M in fair seeing. The scope was a double stacked Lunt 100. I tried the camera today on some prominence shots but the lack of gamma just didn't cut it for me--I ended up going back to my DMK41 and the ZWO1120M for those. Still, the Skyris performs well on the surface--esp with the smaller pixels. Regards, Jim
  11. Using the gamma slider in solar Ha imaging works a bit differently than using the gamma settings in post processing. The gamma setting during image capture is an important part of getting the kind of image Im looking for, in terms of contrast and detail, esp when shooting prominences. Jim
  12. These are all with a Lunt 100 Ha scope and a DMK 41 camera--- Regards Jim Jim Lafferty Southern California
  13. I picked up the Skyris 445M this week to try out for solar Ha. It worked 30fps (usb 3) out of the box with both Icap and IC Capture. It works 15 fps on usb 2. The biggest disappointment has been lack of gamma control on the camera which has been disabled by the mfg for some reason. Tough to do good prom shots without that gamma setting. TIS cameras have that setting enabled, but for whatever reason they don't on their collaboration with Celestron. You can see first light shots with this camera at : http://scopetrader.com/jimlafferty/?page=59 Regards Jim Jim Lafferty
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