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  1. Thanks cuivenion, just downloaded PIPP so will give it a go. Thansk for the tip as it looks useful
  2. Haven't tried stacking at all yet - I downloaded regstax (I think it was called) a while ago but haven't had any images to try out it. I think if I can steady the camera with a mount I maybe able to get some steadier video quality (as compact camera can do HD quality apparently at 24fps). I did have a camera mount that came with SW130p telescope but its too small to fit on my 200p. Just tried to use what I have for the moment to take basic pics.
  3. Thanks both for the info. Looks like it will be a HEQ5 soon then - think the scope will have to wait for a bit. Did see that book mentioned a few times - so have just bought it on FLO - will have a read of that (so should keep me quiet for a few weeks). Did have a peek at the flickr pics Sara - very good indeed! I do have a 2nd hand EQ2 mount but did read that it would be a nightmare with my 200p sat on it! shame. Think I will just have to look about to try and get some slightly better pics with what I have for now.
  4. Really starting to enjoy photography (mainly scuba diving so far) - but looking to do more below and above the water. So will eventually get a DSR that i can use for diving and astrology. Have had my SW200p with DOB mount for about a year and only just starting to use it properly. Ive been trying to take a few images/vids with the compact camera Canon S100 so far but hand holding and quality as you can imagine is far from perfect but seeing Jupiter the last 2 nights for the first time has really inspired me. So for the short term, need to get used to seeing the planets but want to take better
  5. Must admit, far from being a decent photo, but this is my first experiencing of viewing Jupiter (last night). Need to work alot on the photography side of things in due course (as this was a quick vid from my Canon S100 camera) handheld over the 6.5mm plossl eyepiece on my SW Skyliner 200p on a DOB. I tried to take some still pics, but it wouldnt focus at all and was over exposed. The eyepiece was £30 and was a freebie with another telescope i just bought - is there some decent eyepieces im likely to get slightly better clarity? (LP and clear skies permitting) Its a start, and one that will e
  6. Will try and make next Tuesday at Helston Gazabone (otherwise it will be the one in Mabe on Thursday the 26th)
  7. Thanks for the info guys - will have a look at both of those links mentioned - hopefully will come along to one of the meets. Just been out looking at Jupiter (first viewing of it with my own eyes) - looked fantastic and could see the bands and 4 moons. Its a good starting point for me
  8. Very new to all of this - but just wondered if there are any groups localish to Falmouth (or even Penzance) areas. Ive seen http://www.kernowastronomers.com but unsure if they are the closest. Currently have SW skyliner 200p on a DOB (and a SW 130p on EQ2 - less than a week old second hand) Thanks Dave
  9. I used this forum before i bought my new 8" SW200P and Turn Left at Orion a few weeks back afrer reading lots of good things as a complete novice. Defo worth it as a good starting point for me! After i have learnt my way around the sky a little more will need to find out if any local events happen every now and then here in Falmouth, Cornwall as i may look odd sat in a field by myself lol
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