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  1. but before the supernova it will not get to be a red super giant?
  2. Hi how could i know which massive stars will become a red giant & then a supernova & which will collapse straight to a supernova? what will be with a 30 solar masses star? thanks
  3. Hi how could i know the height/loction of the moon in the sky - a. in a specific phase of the moon? b. at a certain time (at sunrise, at sunset...)? c. why the moon change the height? thanks
  4. thanks i installed Stellarium & Celestia but its not that simple i need a simple program with a menu of some astronomical phenomenas that i'll choose & it will play auto for me
  5. Hi do you know about a free software or a site to simulate astronomical phenomena in 3d? a software with a list of pre recorded events like eclipses and/or the seasons... thanks
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