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  1. Hi, Just to say that I have a 350D and Windows 7 and the drivers do work. The caveat is that you have to run 32-bit Windows 7 O/S. I'm using APT and it works fine. Phil
  2. Thanks Chris; hearing that you only got 90 seconds without guiding makes me feel better at my 30 seconds efforts so far!
  3. Thanks Mike (for this and your other reply). I think I'll stick with the polar alignment (I have a polar scope in the mount) for now. I haven't yet established a fixed position for the tripod - that should probably be my next project! Phil
  4. Thanks Andy, you've confirmed what I feared - that I am just starting a very interesting and expensive hobby! It also sounds as though you have been through this already. I think I'll practice the PA for now, and prepare myself for the seemingly inevitable slide towards guiding, filters and CCDs! Phil
  5. Thanks Freddie. Is this DARV method suitable with just a camera? I've not tried computer control of the mount or camera yet.
  6. Hi, This is my first post to SGL for DSO, although I have been reading for a while. I use a SkyWatcher ED100 on an HEQ5Pro mount with SynScan, and an un-modded Canon 350D at prime focus. I can get 30 second exposures with minimal trailing, but am struggling to do much better. I am just starting to learn Polar Alignment adjustments from the SynScan menus. I'd be interested in advice on what to do next. Should I keep trying with the PA setup until I can get say 120 second exposures without trails, or should I just go straight to an autoguider setup? I also wonder if I should get the 350D modded, or get some filters to cut down on light pollution? As you can tell, I am considering many options, but would appreciate others' thoughts on where to start. For the record, by far my best attempt at Orion is below. Thanks, Phil
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