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  1. I hate and love these images; hate them because I'm in the wrong hemisphere to take them myself. love them because there just so beautiful, excellent result. Really jealous ;-)
  2. Where can I get one of those automatic flappy things???
  3. Excellent result, you must have the patience of a Saint.
  4. Nice attempt, especially for a DSLR.
  5. Its good to see that you have joined the Dark Side Allen, nice capture and I look forward to see more of them in the future.
  6. Exactly... M101 is next but it will be a real challenge for me and a complete departure from my normal imaging routine since I will be using the SuperNewt. For those that don't know, I have built my own F4 carbon fiber SuperNewt from a donor Orion Optic DX300. The primary has a Zygo report stating 0.987 strehl and I have added a 2.5" motorised Moonlite focuser. M101 will be mine!!!
  7. 'T' Shirt flats were applied but some dust remains un-subtracted from the lights. Something to take out with the clone brush now I guess; since there is no point applying more flats after the journey back home.
  8. More SLG7 pictures from the dark side... Anyone for a curry? These open truss telescopes get cold easily! Setting up can be a real pain - wish someone else who do it? The TAKS - Don't they look beautiful More scopes Where Mick lives...and the provisions are kept??? I'm sure that this fits somewhere here!!!:D It was easier putting it up last year in the dark with a beer!!! Mick and I playing Battleship for control of the TAK's Thirsty work this Battleship!!! Its a beautiful Swan? Its Swan lake? Sorry Swan river...! Thats all for now
  9. Fantastic image Peter as usual, lots of fine detail in there, well worth the effort
  10. Last night I managed to get 16x10mins in HA which I have now added to the original image using "Vicent Peris" technique and Pixinisight. A video tutorial can be found on Harry Page's website for those who are interested. I think the HA has lifted the image and the colour detail n the dust lanes. I hope you like it.
  11. Thanks for all the comments guys, I will be getting some H Alpha tonight to hopefully finish it.
  12. That looks fantastic... great image detail in the lums.
  13. The TAKS belong to me!!! Darth-Takahashi otherwise known as Lord Sidious Hankey...:D (Neil Hankey)
  14. Here is my Leo Triplet imaged from the SGL7 event. Still can't believe the weather that we had, it was all over too quickly...Never mind can't wait for SGL8.:D Thanks to Daz and everyone who helped to make the event a success once again. Please keep up the good work, it is really appreciated by everyone. The image is also posted on the DSO section as well. This is the final image made from the raw data that everyone saw when they visited me at the event; I hope you like it? I might add some H Alpha to it at a later point. I'll be posting some general picture of the event shortly...
  15. Here is my SGL7 Leo Triplet. The Leo Triplet and I have been doing battle for a couple of years now. You could say it has been my nemesis. On several occasion just when I thought I had it in the bag a glitch has stopped me from completing it successfully. Well it has now finally succumbed to the dark side.:D This is approximately 3hours in L and 40min in RGB binned 2x2. All taken with the trusty TOA130F and the ST10 SBIG ccd camera. All processed captured with MaxIm then processed with Pixinsight and blended together with PhotoShop. I do have some Markarians chain which I'll be processing next, but I dont have a lot of data just yet, something to finish off this week maybe? I hope you like the Triplet.
  16. I have booked for 3 but not currently on the list :-((
  17. Both days please. "Fish Chips and Mushy pea's" make sure they have the Mushy Pea's please because I have withdrawal symptoms!!! Must be the green food colouring..?
  18. I was actually shocked by it performance so far. I know that the FSQ are good but I didn't know that they were this good. Especially move from the Sky90 to this scope - WOW. The stars are pin-point right in to the corners and like you already said, at this focal length you could probable image in a storm. I have the reducer too but need to trim down an adapter between my SBIG and filter wheel to use it properly. A big thanks goes to my "Takahashi Dealer" Yamamoto san who gave me a nice trading-in deal and discount on the FSQ, well this is my 4 scope from him!!! So in many whys he his my "dealer":D:D:D If any of you ever get the chance look him up "Starbase Akihabara-Japan" Its a great shop to visit, just leave your wallet in the hotel!!! Im looking forward to using the FSQ at SGL7, cant wait.
  19. This is actually first light for the FSQ85EDX which came back from Japan with me at the end of February. :D:D Struggled to get some quality time under the sky since lot of thin wispy clouds kept coming through my imaging sessions, therefore, in the end I have to kill quite a lot of frames. :( The BW image is first light via the BabyQ which is composed of; 18x 13min H Alpha frames The colour data comes from Matt's image (Squidy) and is blended in using a colour layer in Photoshop. A mask is applied with a blur to feather the data into my BW (HA) only image. Some day we will find away using astrometry to align our cameras. I hope you like it, its definitely an unusual effect, I have seen this kind of toning do in normal photography but not in astrophotography before now? I have lifted the black point a little and given it a slightly stronger contrast stretch. You can play for hours with these images.:D:D
  20. Very nice Mick, can wait to see the finished nebula. With the new reducer I should be able to get it all in one frame.
  21. But TE-LES-SCOPE-LESS, Can't possibly think of a worse holiday:eek::eek: Well enjoy Thailand but not too much:D:D:D
  22. Please add 3 portions for me! Well not literally all for me? (Neil, Andrea and Daniel) are my sued-names!!!
  23. DSLR already have a Bayer mask in them which cannot be removed. This gives you the colour images RGB, but there are 2x G and B than R so filters will not help, that is unless we are talking about light pollution filter?
  24. Very nice and I'm really jealous...No chance of seeing this one up North alas!!!
  25. Hey steady on... Keeping your feet warm is important to maintain your concentration!!! IC1805 - Heart Nebula is great Mick, you will enjoy imaging it. I have to get my new reducer in the correct position before I come back to it. This and the Rosetta are going to be my SGL7 targets. It going to be weird without Matt but I'm sure that we will console ourselves with enough wine and beer and bacon butties etc...
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