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  1. Thanks for that John, all advice on here is much appreciated. I remember awhile ago we went down to a caravan park in Yorkshire and on the Friday night ....... wow the sky was fantastic, at home in the back garden I use the 150 but there is light pollution, this partcular night I had my bins with me and just thought " if only I had a scope" I could actually just make out the location of a couple of clusters with the naked eye and was amazed with the bins, unfortunately these cannot be held steady enough which is where the 120 comes in. I cannot wait to use the scope on some true dark skies as
  2. Thanks for all the advice, I guess I, m just wanting to get the best out of the scope on a budget since the scope is used. Since I purchased the 150 I, ve always promised myself I would upgrade the ep's as reading the forum posts alot of people suggest the supplied ones are not the best. There is also the fact that Fathers day is on the horizon and my daughters are gonna be looking into prezzies ;-) Cheers George
  3. John the idea of buying a second hand OTA was to own something I can casually use when we go away in the caravan, I own a pair of bins I use when away as its a shame to miss the opportunity of the dark skies I find myself under when out in the countryside, the bins are ok but thought the scope would be a good alternative, as you can appreciate the Skywatcher 150 I have is alittle on the large side to use from a touring caravan, therefore the fact that I bought a fairly cheap small scope I, m not sure if it makes sense spending too much on the ep's. Hope I am making sense here..... I enjoy usi
  4. Hi Bought a used Skywatcher Startravel 120 OTA and looking for advice on what eyepieces to buy. Will be using the scope mainly for DSO 's I would be very greatful if anyone who owns this scope could advise on what ep's they use and what they observe with them . Hope someone can point me in the right direction as all this is still very new to me. Regards George R I hope my question makws sense as I am still very new to all this.
  5. Big thankyou to William I, m sure the dovetail will work a treat cheers George
  6. Hi Wulliam I could come over one night this week, could bring the scope with me to check. Not sure of the protocol on the forum about contacts ? Like I said before this is still very new to me, can you let me know. cheers George
  7. Wulliam I think that may be the one, I am away for the weekend but going home on Sunday, I, m also new to this but can I get in touch when I am back. Regards George
  8. Hi I have just purchased a used Startravel 120 OTA, it came with the rings but there is no dovetail I don't think the one off my 150pl will fit so could someone advise me if there is a dedicated dovetail for this particular scope, I will be using it on the EQ3-2 mount Thanks in advance. George.
  9. Nice one looks like a contender, as you can appreciate a small scope is needed for caravaning and with this still all new to me, its another one to add to my list of possibilities. As mentioned earlier I quiet fancy a small refractor but everyone tells you "aperture is king" so for a small portable can the Heritage 130 p be beaten on price and size?
  10. Forgot to mention I am looking for a used scope, not wanting to spend too much on a scope to leave in a caravan.
  11. I have looked at the Heritage 130 but just fancied a refractor as I already have a reflector. How would the 90mm compare with the two scopes I mentioned
  12. Looking into buying a small portable scope for weekends away in a touring caravan, I have the chance of a StarTravel 102 but could someone explain if the 120 would be a better choice. Compared to my 150pl I understand there is going to be a huge difference in viewing but while away for weekends i,m just looking for something small and portable to keep at the van, we will be going away regular on weekends and it would be a real shame to miss out on any "dark sites" we may visit Only interested in the actual scope as I already have a mount and tripod. Not had my 150PL scope for too long so for n
  13. Was thinking about the Sunderland Astronomical Society, maybe worth me going along one night, I, m only ten minutes away, thanks for the replies everyone much appreciated.
  14. Thanks for the wisdom John I do appreciate what I am looking at and realise there is lots to learn, I think its maybe time for me to get out and about with the scope to experience the advantage of a dark sky.... somthing I have not yet had, most of my viewing has been from the garden
  15. Since I obtained my scope I have observed the moon many times, a few good sessions with Jupiter and I have had the great pleasure of seeing Saturn, after awhile I thought it was time to widen my horizen so I went on the hunt for the clusters in Hercules M13 & M92 which I had read about, I found them relatively easy to find but then thought the sight was not earth shattering, me feelings were actually of disappointment as I and many other beginners I imagine was hoping for so much more, but ..... I persevered and let my eye adjust to what I was looking at and I started to see a whole lot mo
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