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  1. I have the same scope, and my first EP purchase was a 5mm X-Cel. On reflection, this was probably a little bit too far towards the high magnification end to get a lot of use unless the sky is very still. Bigger but not clear isn't much of an improvement, particularly when the field of view is smaller, and vibration has more effect.
  2. Searching in vain for M82 has lead me to think about upgrading the standard 20mm erecting eyepiece (which to be fair seems better than the included 10mm). Scope is a Celestron astromaster 130-EQ (650 mm, F/5). From what I've read, it seems that somewhere between 32 and 24mm will give the same field of view (which I guess is why the better EPs move to 2" before 32mm?). Before I buy a Baader Hyperion 68*, am I missing anything, and would I be as well off buying a cheaper 32mm EP (and maybe a finder scope for the same overall price - or finder scope as well). The ability to fit a T adaptor to the EP is useful, if I can use this with my DSLR. I'm also planning on upgrading the red dot to a Rigel quickfinder at the same time.
  3. I am not an expert, but I do have the same scope and noticed an old thread somewhere reporting similar issues. I'm not sure if the goal of centring the secondary is valid for this (fast) scope. Certainly I notice that the reflection of the focus tube on mine indicates that it is not completely central. The whole of the primary is however visible. It's not helped by the spider being a single plastic moulding with very limited scope for rotating the secondary. I skipped the primary alignment part on mine, and did what I could using a film canister and some aluminum tape as a reflector. Not yet sure if this has helped or not, waiting for drier weather...
  4. Just bought a Celestron Astomaster 130 (f/5) and thinking about eyepeices. It comes with 10mm and 20mm, and I'm not sure I've had a chance to use it in good seeing conditions yet (or how good my colimation is) - but maybe the 20mm is better than the 10. Thinking about a 4mm eyepiece as the first thing to add - seems I can spend £40, or more. How much do I need to spend on this eyepiece to make it better than a 7mm with a barlow? It seems likely that I'll end up with 4mm and 7mm eventually, so the barlow seems like an option I can afford to skip... Any particular brands to take a look at?
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