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  1. well if Julie ever comes back from Bedford I might join you.
  2. Dunno about the OTA but that guys stab jacket looks like a mares.
  3. sorry guys my pass has just been revoked with the old "you know i've to get up early" line
  4. If that was my first go at imaging Saturn I don't think I would be disappointed with it, looks good to me.
  5. can only do winscarr tonight as Julie has to be in Bedford early tuesday so cant be rolling in at 4am (again)
  6. Might be better,it does look a tad overcast.
  7. hmmm I might broach the subject with our lass see what kind of look i get
  8. Yep so it is. I might just have to get a webcam and try a bit of saturn imaging. nice shots btw ring nebula has come out well.
  9. Just got up LOL and the missus has that kind of scowly ,what time did you get in look going on . Yes Damian it was a very good night viewing and thanks for the help. Going to google star maps now and get one ordered. The sky was nice and dark and the milky way looked very good. Can't wait 'till Kieran publishes his Images as they looked like they came out really well. Thanks for the company guys.
  10. where do you meet is it the carpark at the top of the bank?
  11. Dunno Damien I will just go with the flow.
  12. I might be up for it, depends on weather tho. Also got some work to finish off tomorrow so can't be too late/early hitting the sack.
  13. I had same problem, the magnification you were using was too much for the seeing conditions and were unable to resolve the image ( i think )
  14. Thanks all for the replies, collimation was good, so from what you are all saying I guess its the seeing that's the problem that and my inexperience at viewing objects through a scope. Well I'll keep trying.
  15. No Damian I was Billy no mates last night, didn't mind too much as I looked like a floundering whale setting gear up lol so there being no one there to witness it was good. I thought I did hear the security guard laughing tho.
  16. Just a quick question, I was out last night using my 200p for the first time and was looking at Saturn I managed to use a maximum of a 7.5mm Plossl which I believe gave me a mag of 133 (ish). At that magnification it was resolved well but (any higher and it started not to focus up) I could not make out the Cassini Division. So the question is how much magnification do I need to use to see the Cassini Division in an 8" newt? Or is that like asking how long is a piece of string? Will the seeing, atmospheric conditions and position of Saturn all be factors. Cheers.. Russ
  17. went to Winscar last night and after a lot of curfuffle and cussing finally got first light on 200 Yay. I made sure I took everything along with me except my blumming reading glasses so couldn't see to read my phone app my books or my planisphere hey ho. The dual axis motor drive was great I must have polar aligned well as it tracked very well, but the dec motor drive was a pain it kept getting in the way of the mounts rotation so I took it off I didn't need it anyway. In hindsight I should have just bought the single axis drive. So got some good views of Saturn and managed to find M13 on my own ( I know I know lol but with out being able to use ref books and being a newb I was quite pleased) it looked very nice. So all in all a good night. I hope setting the thing up becomes a little faster with practice as it took an age and was a right pain to be honest. I'm thinking maybe I should have gone down the Dob route as Crashes scope the other night looked nice and simple to set up.
  18. I,m thinking about it I just fitted new DS focuser and had a mare re collimating the blumming thing so might go out to try it out.
  19. Is it me or do the bins look like a HUGE pair on a stand just next to the gazebo.
  20. Doh! meat i meant meet there really should be an edit facility on your posts
  21. Yes, was a good evening. It was nice to meat you all, and thanks for the great views. I'll bring my own gear next time and another pair of socks. Thanks again guys.
  22. Wondered if it would be ok to come along? I wont bring any gear just thought I would say hi and introduce myself.
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