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  1. you sound like you got a good deal, better than I have seen recently. I am tempted to go for yours. would you mind telling me what is the model name and where did you get it from?
  2. thanks for the input. another question when considering laptops. I have read that xp [which I have on my desktop] is miles better than vista, with some users of this forum saying they would be better off reloading xp as it is easier to run some of the astro software. should I go for xp?
  3. thanks guys. this forum is the best thing since sliced bread!. since I joined I've had nothing but stellar advice [excuse the pun]. your advice is very helpfull, as in all things there are pros & cons but I feel I am able to make a more informed choice now. Ian
  4. has anyone got any experience [or knowledge] of using a net book, these smaller £200+ laptops that are becoming more popular. I am thinking of buying one for astro work but as I am a beginner to this stuff want to make sure it's powerfull enough.
  5. brilliant! everything you need to know on one thread!. I just need to study this for a bit, Thanks I have all the info to make my decision now. Cheers, Ian
  6. starflyer, hit the reply button too early. Who is Steve [parallax] re the stripboard ciruit. Perhaps I should brouse this also to see if I'm up for it. Cheers, Ian
  7. OK, you have been very helpfull. I will look into the options suggested. Thanks, Ian
  8. thanks guys. starflyer, I am doubting my ability to do these mods as I no practically nothing about electronics. I can solder and work in miniture but does it not assume some kind of knowledge? I would like to do it but afraid to ruin it.
  9. bought this webcam and now wondering if there are any simple mods to make it suitable for DSO. there are plenty of mods in the internet but they require some electrical knowledge and expertise & that may be beyond me. so anything simple for folk like me?
  10. Hi Adam, many thanks I'll check that out Ian
  11. what sort of computer planetarium software should I use to control my HEQ5 Pro mount? I am new to this and am just at the stage of setting out my stall. Ian
  12. Hi KK, that's a great website you have highlighted and I intend to make good use of it. I know it sounds daunting Rich but if you take it step by step you will be alright. However iIf you have never yielded a screw diver before I would leave it alone. I believe the HEQ5 is very power hungry so if you have a power drop due to freezing conditions the controller locks up. It needs to see full voltage. Ian
  13. thanks guys, thanks for the link and advice, point noted on cheapies. The Maplin adaptor is on sale! yipee. Thanks again Ian
  14. :hello1: hello ....I joined just before you and am overwhelmed by the good wishes and friendly banter. looks like we will have a great time on this forum. all the best with your astronomy, ian
  15. Hi I am pretty new to this so if this is a daft question forgive me. I want to update my HEQ5 mount controller but have no com ports left on my computer. Can I buy a USB adaptor to fit the RS232 cable and plug it into a free USB port in my compuer? Will that work and do I have to do anything else? Ian
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