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  1. Thanks for that. I'll give it a bash. Sorry meant to say the A200 doesn't have live view hence the problems getting the focus just right.
  2. How do you stack an image? Is there free software that does it and is it relatively simple?
  3. I've had my scope a couple of weeks now and although I intended on using it purely for viewing I couldn't resist trying it out on the moon. So this is one my first pictures. Used my 200p Dob and a Sony A200 DSLR. I know its far from perfect as I find focusing difficult through the camera viewer so alot of trial and error is involved. Thanks for looking and any feedback is welcomed as I'm totally new to this.
  4. I was out in my garden last night but we have a road with streetlights way at the back but I got on great despite this. I stay 10 minutes away from Loch Lomond though so I'm taking a trip there tonight. Bit of advice... am I better to go higher up? I know two quiet deserted spots and one is near the banks of the Loch and the up is up a hill in a glen but I'm worried about some hills blocked the lower horizon.
  5. Since buying my first proper telescope last week I spent several nights cursing under a blanket of cloud. Last night (after a day of heavy snow in the West of Scotland) was clear despite a few hours early on of slight cloud cover. After 8pm the sky was clear. I was amazed by how clear things were through this telescope. Jupiter looked clear with the supplied 25mm EP and the 4 moons were easy to see. The 10mm EP brought out two clear red stripes. Pleidades was amazing so many stars twinkling away. Then I looked throught the finderscope to aim towards the Orion nebula and on the way a bright object flew across the view and I was able to track this for a few seconds through the finderscope (must have been a satellite). I was amazed after moving down from Orions belts to clearly see the Orion nebula in the finderscope. Through the scope however I was blown away - my first ever view of a nebula! I also looked at Sirius and it was like looking at a distant disco ball with a twinkling array of bright colours and 4 long spikes north, south, east and west. I was absolutely frozen but its was brilliant!
  6. Thanks for that info guys. Thats interesting to see sketches of what people see - I hope to be able to give that a go sometime. I'm looking forward to finally getting out and using it. Tonight looks doubtful but tomorrow looks promising.
  7. Hi guys, I just got my first telescope the other day and I'm itching to get it out but all these clouds are ruining things. Anyway to whet my appetite I've been browsing the astrophotography section and am simply blown away by the images - especially the images of DSO's. Are these images what I can expect to see looking through the eyepiece or does camera's pick up colours and shapes that the eye can't make out? I'm worried I'll just make myself disappointed now by looking at all these amazing photos and not seeing these first hand myself. I'm using a Skywatcher 200p Dob. Sorry if this is a stupid question and thanks for any replies.
  8. I've just realised my above post hasn't included the photos I wanted to show. Oh well!
  9. Well after deciding on Tuesday to buy the 200p Dobsonian I phoned Phil at Phil Burton Photography on Tuesday night. He told me the scope would be with me by Friday. It arrived at my workplace on Thursday in two very large boxes - I was surprised by how fast I received them and even the Fed Ex guy wondered what the hell was in the boxes "Is that a big camera you got?" he asked. "Something like that" I replied. Despite the cloudy skies I couldn't wait to get home to build it and get a good like at this thing! Boxes in my workplace As soon I as got home (and trying to contain my excitement from the wife - does anyone else do this? When your bursting with excitement but you put the boxes to the side and cooly say "I'll open it after dinner" when really you want to tear into it?) Once opened I realised just what a beast of a telescope this was. It was huge. I kinda prepared myself for it but you still get that "wow" factor when you lift that telescope tube from the box. It was extremely easy to put together - much more so than the ikea furniture that is the lengths of my manly building ability. I waited til the wife was bathing the kids to keep them out the way but it was up in no time at all. Even the wife was impressed and brought a wee smile to her face - whereas before all I got was "and where are you putting that thing?!". Daugther comparing the size to herself My eldest has shown a bit of interest in my telescope was gobsmacked at the size of it. Just can't wait until the clouds clear and we get proper look through this. Fingers crossed and reports look good for tomorrow and Monday! I've even named the scope "Bellatrix" as my daughter Bella (Isabella) likes to think its her star.
  10. Thanks Welrod. I really appreciate you taking your time to explain all that.
  11. Thanks Welrod, I will definately be making the collimator my first purchase. I've been reading up on it and read Astro Babys guide and it does seem clear but I imagine it being quite fiddly. I just wondered are the laser ones easier than the chesire non laser? I watched a video demo on a laser one on youtube and it looked too easy (compared to Astro Babys guide). Also I was reading up about eyepieces and I don't want to go spending ridiculous amounts on eyepieces to start with - but at the same time I don't want to buy cheap rubbish. I'm thinking a 5mm and 16mm to go with the ones supplied and then getting a 2x barlow? Budget wise maybe up to £50 per piece? I read that the 200p dob being a "fast" scope (sorry I don't actually understand what that means) that I need better quality eyepieces as cheaper ones show up badly. Thanks again everyone for you kind advice.
  12. Thanks guys. Damnut I was up north and visiting Skye a few weeks ago and the Sky was clear and dark with the naked eye. I'm fortunate enough to stay 10 mins away from Loch Lomond so that'll be my local spot.
  13. Thanks guys for all the advice and warm welcome. I was really eager to go out and buy loads of accessories but the guy I bought it from Phil Burton Photography in Norwich (I think) suggested I try out the scope with the supplied eyepieces first and see how I get on. He's even offered a 60 day return to upgrade if I'm looking for bigger/better but from what I hear I think the 200p will be sufficient. I asked about a collimator and he reckons the scope with be setup ok to begin and may not need to collimate it for the first 18 months. I will get one though - even though the process sounds daunting! I've got the telrad, 2x barlow and additional eyepieces in my mind but I'll try the scope out first. Thanks for your advice Damnut, I've now downloaded Stellarium and it looks great! I've got a few apps on my iphone and ipad too. Thanks Martin and HIP3802, I'll keep you posted once the telescope arrives and when I get viewing through it. Paul
  14. Hi everyone! Just joined and this is my first post so just want to firstly say hello and compliment everyone on such a great forum. I've been lurking in the shadows so to speak for the last few weeks since buying a small Heritage telescope and have been picking up great bits of advice and information on all sorts of things in astronomy. I'm 100% new to this and most things I've picked up on here so thanks for being such a great source of information! I've been unable to contain myself and have just purchased a Skywatcher Skyliner 200p Dob and I can't wait for it to arrive on Friday (hoping for clear skies in the West of Scotland!). I didn't have a clue which telescope to go for but all the advice and recommendations on here seemed to point to this scope as an ideal starter. I was pretty pleased to get it for £270 post included which seems like a bargain and my 5 year old daughter is excited at getting dads little telescope to herself! Again thanks everyone and what a great forum this is for total newbies like myself. Happy star-gazing everyone!
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