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  1. Just borrowed an old school DSLR, now just got to figure out how to use the damn thing, the instruction manual is 2 inches thick!

  2. I am wondering if anyone has any settings they use for imaging Jupiter using SharpCap? I managed to fluke it once (below) but I did not make a note of the settings for brightness, contrast, gain etc. as I thought that the information would be in the .txt log file. I was wrong, it only lists the basics like resolution and name of the camera, so when I tried again for a better image using other techniques I have picked up I was stumped at the first hurdle as I could not even get a clear, detailed image before the clouds came over Telescope: SkyWatcher 130PM on EQ2 Camera: Orion Starshoot IV
  3. largie003

    The Moon Phase Project

    Such a beautiful object in the sky, and every day of the cycle shows different details on the surface. My aim is to finish the set by the end of 2013! (All images were taken using a Sky-watcher 130P and a Orion Solar System Imager IV camera.)
  4. If you are getting a non touch screen then I would choose one with Windows 7 rather than Windows 8 as 8 can be a little fiddly when using with a mouse/trackpad and keyboard which ain't great in the dark! Also if your budget can stretch to it replace the primary hard drive with a solid state hard drive, this will allow your battery life to be increased, it will run faster and should lower the opereating tempreture of the device slightly. Also solid state is tougher when it comes to dew!
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