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  1. Some time ago, when I travelled a lot, I purchased a torch for my wife. It had two purposes firstly it it very bright and has a fast flash mode which does effectively blind anyone who has even slight dark adaptation (i.e. a burglar rummaging around in the dark) and this brings us to the second purpose - its made from steel and very heavy for its size.
  2. What was the app (iphone / android ?) that was briefly shown about 5 minutes in. It had the sun with active regions shown. Or was it perhaps something the bbc made up?
  3. It helps to use it in conjunction with the finder i.e. use the telrad to hit an easy star and then the finder (preferably with a correct view) and a chart to hop the last part. But I think the idea is that with practice you will be able to judge the location of target using just the telrad chart (but to be honest I cannot). I have seen some charts with perspex telrad inserts that can be used to help judge the distances.
  4. Hi Madjohn, We spoke at astrofest today, it was nice to meet you. I am very interested in getting the same setup you have with the ed45 but with my Sony Alpha (I realise its possibly not the best camera for the job, but its what I have), or with a relatively cheap (do such things exist) ccd. Could you list out the parts needed with the ed45 and your cannon (helical focuser, adaptor, focal reducer?). Do you, or any one else, have a recommendation for a ccd to use instead of a dslr. £250 cap (or am I being too hopeful)? Cheers, Karl.
  5. Hi, The old sodium lamp outside my house was replaced yesterday gone is the warm glow across my drive now replaced with the equivalent of a security light. Looking out from the front bedroom window the surface of the drive looks like daylight and is painful to look at the reflected light. These seem to have tubes in them but is this just the packaging for the LEDs? On filter effectiveness I tried direct unaided viewing of the lamp. Un filtered was too painful, lumicon deep sky filter reduced the intensity considerably ( like a neutral density filter) the remaining light was purple ish. Some letter writing is in order.
  6. Well quite, that was pretty much my reaction. Yes, definitely a smaller fov. corrected - thanks
  7. Hi, I have what I thought was a good selection of eye peices for my Orion Optics OD350 f4.5 14" dob. Primarily for wide field viewing I have a 28mm Skywatcher Nirvana UWA 2" which seemed to get very good reviews and I had been very pleased with (whole of the beehive, whole of the double cluster in FOV) .... until I tried some other eyepieces with the help of Hants Astro. Compared to a Zhumell 28mm 2" the UWA was very "soft", the Zhumell gave more pinpoint stars. Colimation was good, seeing was okay and I exchanged eye peices a few times to average out any poor seeing. So what could be wrong? Why is one crisp and one soft? Could it be a focus issue, is the UWA somehow stuck with a smaller focal sweet spot that I failed to hit? Is this just the price I pay for such a huge field of view? I really want to figure out how to make sure any future eye peice purchases avoid types which dont suit my scope. (I also tried a Skywatcher Panoptic, which was not as good as the UWA in my very humble opinion at least). Thanks to Dave at Hants Astro and the other person whos name I have forgotten for the try of the Panaview (thanks for the correction jahmanson!) and Baader Clickstop - which was surprisingly very nice (especially since I have been put off of variable eye pieces by generally poor reviews). Cheers, Karl.
  8. Okay, just warming to this now, from my ipod.... Pink Floyd - Great Gig in the Sky Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen Blondie - Fade away and Radiate (okay, pushing it a little) R.E.M - Star Me Kitten R.E.M - Man on the Moon Billie Holiday - Where is the Sun The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon Nora Jones - Shoot the Moon Sinatra - In the wee small hours of the morning.... The Only Ones - Another Girl, Another Planet. Bjork - Venus as a boy Pink Floyd - Eclipse ? - Blue Moon Motorhead - Capricorn The Cult - Star Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata Jean Michelle-Jarre - Equinox John Coltrane - Equinox Sleep Walker - Into the Sun Jeff Wayne - War of the Worlds(?) Miles Davis - Orbits Beethoven - Ein kliene Nachtmusik Lack of Afro - Suspicious Glow ....try averted vision.... Dvorak - Song to the Moon Genesis (again!) - Illegal Alien Miles Davis - Solar Herbie Hancock - Sister Moon Lack of Afro - When the Sun goes Down U2 - Satellite of Love Susanne Vega Jamiroquai - Cosmic Girl Jimi Hendrix - 3rd Stone from the sun Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathoustra (just because, for me, this is always associated with rockets taking off) Fila Brazilla - Soft Music Under Stars And what usually forces a close to my sessions - Pink Floyd - Terminal Frost ;-)
  9. I DO have other non-Genesis stuff, honest! But... Genesis Mad Man Moon and again... Dancing with the Moonlit Knight ... Silent Sun Okay, off to ponder being a sad old git ;-)
  10. Genesis - Watcher of the skies "Watcher of the skies watcher of all His is world alone no world is his own, He whom life can no longer surprise, Raising his eyes beholds a planet unknown." One for the Campaign for Dark Skies ... Genesis - Keep It Dark
  11. Quite incredible, really took my breath away. Would be interested to see the difference for the same target and other instruments (with presumably limited processing)
  12. If your talking about the astronomia one - the guy on their stall at astrofest said 20 stone. I am just under 13 stone and it felt very stable - but it is pretty hefty. Cheers, Karl.
  13. I did look at this briefly after a day trip there from jersey. It's certainly possible but the main challenges are the limitation on luggage on the ferry (you can ship separately) and the possible roughness of the trip, the fast cat from jersey was the "chunder express" on my trip. Though guernsey is a shorter route. So you will need well protected kit. That said once there I can imagine the sky's are excellent as it is so sparsely populated. Let me know if your really serious.
  14. Depending on what kind of back problem you have you may want to give good thought to the observing height. I have a twist in my midback which means some positions are very tiring so I prefer a high eye position which a longer tube gives. Just a thought.
  15. I was also quite disapointed also, perhaps attending 3 years running has made me too familiar. Very good lecture on Near Earth Objects by Alan Fitzsimmons (if the conference counts as a purchase!). I did by an Orion Centreing eyepiece adaptor and a Farstar binocular & rdf mount, so got out of there with change from £100 - which is excellent for me. Astronomia had a very nice wooden observing chair, adjustable seat on one side (tilt and lift) and steps on the back £250 though ;-( if it were £150 I would be very tempted. Cheers, Karl.
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