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  1. Thanks for the info Allan i will give this a try.
  2. That's a fine image Alan especially as it's from LP skies. I see your using an LP filter with your LRGB filters, do you think this works a lot better than using shorter subs and no LP filter?
  3. That's a great image Mike, do you have bad LP where you are and do you use LP filters.
  4. There are some really odd shaped stars in this image are you using an MPCC?
  5. I don’t think my roof would slide open very well at the moment lol,,,Paul.
  6. It's from B&Q Dulux Matt Emulsion Sapphire Springs 1RB7 50BB08171 and the colour was mixed from an extra deep base, hope that helps,,,,Paul
  7. As Sy says they are threaded inserts, you will see where they go when i put the cell together.
  8. I had a couple of hours in the workshop today, without any heating that was enough. I’ve cut the circles of C/F to make the mirror cell and started marking it out.
  9. That’s a big chunk of concrete, I think you’ve used 2-3 times as much as I used for my pier but it’s looking good,,,Paul.
  10. Well that looks spot on to me well done,,,Paul.
  11. Thanks guys it will look great in the dark
  12. Well I’ve managed to put a spider together I just need to put a 45 on a piece of 2x2 and attach it to the threaded rod to mount the mirror.
  13. Thanks for the comments and I’m so pleased I’ve got off to a good start with my neighbour. Spaceboy I will get you the colour of the paint tomorrow and as for the warm room I’m just waiting to finish the 14” newt I’m making and see how much room it needs to move about. If that’s ok I will put up a plywood wall and door to act as a warm room, now I’m just off outside to test that chair.
  14. Hi all only one more pic of the obsy and I now have a chair and some very good news. I’ve just changed all the outside lights next door and had a good chat with my new neighbour and all is great,,,Paul
  15. Well as Luke says the no north view won’t matter. I see you do imaging so to have your EQ6 drift aligned on a pier would really help with your setup time and give you more time imaging. I have just completed my obsy and it’s great, when the sky clears you can be ready to image in a few minutes so lets get building,,,Paul.
  16. I will put up some more images on Monday guys i'm having a busy weekend,,,Paul.
  17. Hi Kev it’s not actually fixed together yet it’s just sitting on the ply. I’ve still got the fun to come of chasing these bits of metal around the bench, drilling holes everywhere trying to fix it together and make it look something. The mirror cell will be the easy bit as that’s made from C/F.
  18. I really don’t like working with metal it seems impossible to cut it straight or square with hand tools. I was going to buy a spider from Protostar but the last I heard they were not even taking orders as they were so busy. So it looks like I am going to have to make my own.
  19. Thanks very much that is very kind of you, the real test will be if this thing actually works.
  20. Thanks Kevin I’m in the obsy at the moment trying to take some flats using a light panel and I’m not getting on very well with it. I can’t get on with that screen stretch in Maxim, I never know where I am with it.
  21. I will do a few more images tomorrow guys but to be honest we are more or less up to date.
  22. You guys carry on your doing a great job,,,,Paul.
  23. Do they need to be taken in a dark room? and how many flats are needed per channel?
  24. Hi guys I’ve just had one of these light panels for taking flats arrive. Do you need to take the flats in a dark room so you only get the light from the panel? or does it not matter. And do you need to take flats through all filters LRGB or just the L filter, thanks,,,Paul.
  25. Hi Kev I found Luthiery to be the next step up to Joinery, I’m a lot better at making guitars than I am at playing them. I enjoy playing rock and I also like to play classical and it’s classical guitars I make as a hobby. I will start a new thread somewhere else on the site and post a few images if you are interested.
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