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  1. Nicely done with sharp focus! Look forward to seeing your Venus pics!
  2. Very nicely captured! That was a stunning prom yesterday! Was quite shocked to see its extent in the eyepiece!
  3. Wonderful job! Like the warm and carefully adjusted colouration. Good focusing too!
  4. Stunning!! I was out with the PST CaK yesterday as well and look forward to comparing the resolution difference with the PST to your stunning LuntB600 CaK.
  5. Making a sunshield from a cardboard box is helpful too and not as hot as a black sheet. A sunhat is helpful as well to keep the eyes better adjusted to brightness variations.
  6. Well done! Focusing is indeed the trickiest bit but good focus can save you immense problems later in processing:)
  7. Cheers! I had a decent session this afternoon as well (data still to crunch) although the seeing was deteriorating. How stable was it at 8pm?
  8. Finally some clear spells here in Scotland. Please find attached images from the 12 May. A bit behind on processing. Interesting changes in the proms on the H-alpha disks between 09:36 and 14:23. The scopes used are: WO110 with Baader Herschel Wedge WO110 with Baader CaK filter PST CaK Lunt60 double stacked Imaged with a Skynyx 2.1 Thank you for looking. Sheri
  9. WOW!! Very well done!!! Nice prom and details!
  10. Nice activity! No sign of sun in the forecast here..... Thank you for sharing.
  11. So nice to see! Raining here..... :-(
  12. That is very good for an afocal photo! Hard enough to focus using a monochrome camera on a laptop let alone colour afocal!
  13. Ah yes! The seeing will be more steady before the heating of the atmosphere through the day. Early and later are good when the temperature is more stable thus the turbulence is lower. Generally speaking... Look forward to your next images!
  14. Oh with the new camera... these will go from good to amazing!! Look forward to the results!
  15. Great first attempt! You are well on your way....
  16. Your images are breath taking!!!! What colouration sequence do you use if you don't mind me asking? The tones are fantastic.
  17. Superb detail and worth the perseverance creating an 8 frame mosaic!
  18. That is a lovely warm colour... look forward to your next attempt!
  19. Amazing detail in there. Well done braving the weather for some very feature filled images!
  20. Certainly does the job for a quick snap and historical record of the spots for the day.
  21. Very nice detail on some 'tiny' sunspots! Always like your presentation as well.
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