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  1. After buying my xt10 with a fairly tatty mirror, I am wondering whether it's such a good deal. The mirror has numerous spots/splats on it, but looks in fairly good shape. However, when trying to use it on the moon woth a 10mm ep, it looks a bit blurred. It's okay with the 32mm and 25mm ep I have, but the 10mm is not good. There is better clarity on my sw200p dob. Is it just the fact that the primary has these marks on? Would I be aleto just get it recoated? The secondary seems to be in good shape. Thanks. Please offer me some advice!
  2. Thanks for the advice, Crebles. I want to increase my astro photography mount fund, so want to cash in on the skywatcher dob lol! I agree that I ought to wait and see if the xt10 lives up to expectations. Cheers.
  3. I've purchased one of these tonight second hand. I think I had a good deal for £110. There are no handles, so I'll have to get these. Also, the mirror has numerous spots on it. Have I done the right thing? I'll probably sell the SW200p dob now.
  4. If I buy an heq5 with the modified controller (non goto, but 2axis motors with st4 port added), is this fine for guiding, please? Thanks.
  5. I don't think all serial to usb cables work. I bought the cheapie type and couldn't get it to work. I spent a tenner on one from Amazon and that worked fine. You need to install drivers for these cables to work as well.
  6. So, you might as well just look for a second hand qhy5 or something, then?
  7. I wondered what was happening when I first started using mine. Unscrew the bolts, then turn the control for a while in the other direction. Re-tighten the bolt.
  8. Okaay, thanks everyone. I didn't know about off axis guiding.
  9. Most seem to recommend the ed80 on an heq5. What is used for a guidescope in such a setup? Thanks.
  10. thanks, brantuk. I just need the mount and guidescope, now. Meh!
  11. Can the spc900 be used as a guidecam without the lx mode? If not, how much does it cost and where can you get it done? Thanks.
  12. If you saw off 4 to 5 cm off the end, you'll get focus with a dslr; you can't get the webcam (or eyepieces) to work without extension tubes then, though.
  13. I use a 350d with apt. To get anything of a second or more, you need to make a diy serial to usb cable, and also purchase a serial to jack shutter release cable. It's a lot of potch, though. If you are afraid of soldering, it might be worth just getting a cf card and a timer release from ebay. About £13, i paid for a timer release; you can programme it to take x amount of shots etc.
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