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  1. Yet more thanks from me. I watched the Challenger investigation drama last week which prompted me to look up the Horizon program 'The Pleasure of Finding Things Out' , which is excelent. Will have to try to find loads of time to watch the videos in your super list. Thanks!! Steve
  2. In case anyone is interested - something to read or listen to on BBC website re: sharing astronomical data. A Point of View: Crowd-sourcing comets Astronomers in the 17th Century understood the value of sharing information in order to plot the path of comets. Now modern science is using the internet to follow their example, says historian Lisa Jardine..... Read full article here: readhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-21802843 or listen on BBC iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01r5r5l
  3. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Damian, Hi. No, had not come across Stellarium. Will check it out. Thanks. Graham, Hi. Thanks. I'm sure our paths will cross. Steve
  4. Withe the focuser wound right in the OTA itself is 36.5cm long by 10.5cm max diameter. The tube rings are 13cm across the hinged/clamp section and also 13cm top to bottom (to the tip of the camera mount bolt), though obviously the tube rings can be easily removed.
  5. Maybe this has been said before - I didn't look through all 452 previous posts on this thread...... Policy for access to the Buy and Sell section Access to the Buy and Sell section - 50 posts and have been a member for 30 daysI appreciate that there maybe some concerns about scammers but it seems a real shame that just when someone maybe starting out and looking to acquire their intial setup, that is exactly when the above 50 post rule prevents them accessing the Buy and Sell section. It is also depriving sellers of access to some of the folks most likely to be in the market for second-hand gear. I don't know what I have missed out on as I cannot see that section and will be unlikely to be able to see it for many, many months. Only 47 more posts to go Anyway, just think it is a shame. Otherwise, in my limited time on here, I think the forums and the membership seem excellent. Steve
  6. Newbie posts coming in thick and fast! Made my first SGL post earlier today so figured I ought to say "Hello" here as well. I'm in West Sussex, to the west of Worthing and am new to stargazing. I know a few constellations but need to learn about all the NGC's and M numbers, etc. Have been interested in astronomy and space since I was a kid watching Horizon on BBC and have been into photography since I was about 12 years old. Used to do b&w and even colour photo developing (chemicals and all that) so know my way around a camera. Have a Nikon D7000 DSLR and plan on using that for AP in the first instance but suspect I will look to get a CCD one day when the time is right. I got a reasonable ebay deal on a new C8/CG5 combo so that is my starting point. Went to AstroFest in Kensington last month but did not find it of much use - too crowded and busy to really be able to talk with vendors. But did get a cheap subscription to Astronomy Now! Also bought an ST80 and a Celestron NexGuide (which I may yet regret). Have been researching here on SGL for a while and very useful it has been too. Have bought a few upgrades for the mount and C8 (ADM CG5 saddle adapter, Baader ClickLocks) plus other bits and pieces (dew shield, focal reducer, T-rings and extensions, Shoestring DSUSB, basic 1.25" eyepiece kit, powertank, 'Making Every Photon Count', radial guider (hedging my bets on the ST80), ADM Mini-Max Guider ). I also bought a CGE/Losmandy dovetail to upgrade the C8 for the ADM CG5 saddle but got caught out by not checking first that the original C8 CG5/Vixen dovetail would fit on the top of the C8. Will be crafting a couple of aluminium fittings to solve that one. Am now contemplating a 'proper' guide camera - the Brightstar Mammut has cought my eye - but will give the NexGuide a chance first. Will also one day probably splash out on a mid-range APO refractor but have plenty to learn yet so no rush. Have signed up for a one-day "How to use your telescope" course at Chichester Planetarium in May (has just been moved to FA Cup Final Day :-( ) so hope to pick up a few tips there. Away from astronomy, I work in IT, am keen on flying and have a pilots license and am 6 years into building my own small 2-seater plane. I've not yet engaged with my local astronomy clubs (of which there seem to be quite a few) but probably will do soon, so maybe will get to meet some of you face-to-face, which I look forward to. Clear skies! Steve Hutt
  7. Mark, See PM. My order direct with ADM in the US went very smoothly. Placed order 18th Feb. Delivered to my door 4th Mar.
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