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  1. Hello All, Not been on for a while...that's because I've been a bit busy... A picture says a thousand words so here we go
  2. Well here it is...hopefully When the screen first went out..nice controlled meltdown of colours and picture, sort of started at the edges, went brownish white then the colour colapsed into dark then the picture at the start of this thread. I think, for whatever reason, a short has gone up the the lcd monitor cable and blown it out. The fifth pin from the left is missing. Wish I 'd used a magnifying glass earlier and seen that, but what oh. I reckon the panel was screwed anyway as a result of this. Just got a new cable on order. Plus I now have a spare inverter..heh heh the bit that usually goes first:glasses1: Let you know if it all works. Regards Keithp
  3. Cheers yesyes, I tried the ultimate windows boot cd got as far as the initial boot screen then it goes blank again, fine on the external monitor. Just done an initial boot with Windows 7 and after startup no problems on the lappy it gets to the country/location options and goes blank. Fine on the external monitor though.. I've remoted onto the laptop and from there I can see the card itself is disabled with the exclamation mark in Device Manager. At this point I've uninstalled the nvidia drivers, re-installed them and the card shows fine, even set the screen resolution to the standard 1400 X 900. (All on the external monitor though). Gone through a reboot and wham, back to dark lappy monitor, fine on external and the card has not started again. (Error code 10). I don't think the card is at fault as I've been able to successfully re-install the drivers and on the external monitor re-set the screen resolution to whatever. Interestingly when I look at services and try and re-start the nvidia display driver it starts then stops immediately with the message that it had nothing to do so stopped!!! This is weird, some sort of mismatch going on here. The inverter is fine, the backlight is fine the panel is the same size albeit phillips not samsung (was sold as an Amilo 3438 panel), it does display boot up and bios, it won't display anything past boot up either with the installed OS or with a boot disk. Gonna get to the bottom of this:cool: Regards All Keithp edit : Just a thought, I wonder if with all the assembling/disassembling the card is over heating shutting down, although nothing is unduly hot...and the fan is working fine...still stumped!! another edit: shall I put the boot process with different methods up on utube, you'd see what I'm up against then?
  4. Thanks yesyes, strange though, as I shut the machine down, connected to an external monitor working okay, the laptop screen jumped into life just as it switched off. If ever there was a time to try a new OS like Win 7 I guess now is it. I've backed it all up so I guess if the new inverter does not improve things I'll try a new install of Windows 7 and see what happens. Already got the Win XP drivers slipstreamed into an install disk if I need to revert back to XP and do a new install of that. Regards Keithp
  5. Cheers for the advice Pete and Yesyes, tried uninstalling the monitor/s and a reboot, no success. hopefully the new inverter will arrive tomorrow, so if that don't work looks like I'm resgined to remote desktoping and guide control seeing as everything else on seems to be working okay. Regards Keithp
  6. Very nice, my first was this one as well, have a go at the horse head. You have the same camera as me, it would be interesting to compare the results. Regarding polar aligning, I find I can narrow it down over consequetive nights. Use polarfinder to give the position of polaris at a particular time, nail that then switch off for 10 mins. Go back power up and re-align, then switch off again. Do that for at least 3 times before you start imaging, then weather permitting leave the mount and scope (covered) out and do it all again the next night. By this time I've found I can hit 5 to 7 minutes unguided without trails. You'll see my result of a one exposure 140 seconds at iso 800 (up your iso with this camera it can take it) look for 'My fiirst nebula'. Didn't want to post a link as this is your thread, nice work keep it up. Regards Keithp
  7. I sent my 2" ep holder off to Arthur at Ambermile, had the height reduced to match the depth of the maxdslr connector and now I can focus on my 250px with about a quarter of an inch to play with. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/87213-dslrmax-newt-focusing-problem-sorted.html Regards Keithp
  8. Thought I'd just update this, for anyone interested. I've replaced the inverter and the panel. Now while the panel is not 'exactly' the same as the one it's replacing, ie the old panel was a Samsung, this replacement (same spec etc. 1400 X 900) is a Phillips. I've also ruled out the original inverter with the first problem I was experiencing. However I now have a slightly different problem. The lappy boots okay, runs through the bios post, all visible on the lappy screen and goes to the windows xp boot screen, as soon as the operating system calls on a full resolution display I get a blank (dark) screen. External monitor works perfectly, by the way. I can go into the bios and stay there on the lappy no problems. I've booted the machine in safe mode and when it gets to the operating system display again, dark..blank. The laptop lid switch is definately working correctly as this is activated by a magnet in the display surround that drops down on to the keyboard area in the bottom left corner. Putting the magnet on that completely blacks the screen so I don't think it's a stuck switch. I think now it's a mis-match between the current inverter power/doggy inverter and the new panel. I'm going to try one more inverter and then call it a day. After all the value of the laptop is around £200 to £300 so it's not really economical to go too far down this line, shame really as it normally works as a reasonable games machine. I'd probably get more for breaking it up and selling the components on fleabay. For anyone replacing the inverter here's a piccy of where it is. I'll update if I sort it and let you know. JUST A WARNING IF YOU INTEND REPLACING THE INVERTER, DISCONNECT THE LAPTOP FROM MAINS AND REMOVE THE BATTERY BEFORE STARTING ON THIS. There are high voltages involved with the inverter output to the screen. Regards Keithp
  9. Just had a quick look in on this thread and one thing struck me as very useful, those belts and pullies setup look like a neat starter for an automated roll off roof. That's got me thinking along the cheaper option of a shed for the new year. Regards Keithp
  10. 1. Kit out side saving space in the lounge, good point In the lounge!! Mine's in the workshop and computer room:evil6: Regards Keithp
  11. Thanks for the encouragement and comments. I appreciate that with an unmodded dslr I can't get all the colour that others achieve on excellent examples I've seen. I'm hoping that on the next session I can use the 250px and sort the goto out using a wider field ep to narrow down the initial star align before using the camera zoom to finally nail it. (Just that at -8C the brain don't think logically at the time:eek:) Working on the priciple of wider apperture equals more light should I find that I can get more of the red colour (ha?) in this scenario? Regards Keithp
  12. Okay it's a bit crude compared to others, only managed 21 subs varying between 45 secs and 2min 30. Had to stretch it a bit.. EQ6 unguided, 102mm Celestron Wide View scope and unmodded Canon 500d. Gotta get the hang of setting up the 250px with the goto, trouble was tonight the narrow field of view and the cold (-8C:eek:) was too frustrating. Regards Keithp
  13. Cheers Doug, yep...first go at a nubula. Been having a few problems with my main laptop, just started autoguiding and having problems with that so tonight I thought what the hell, put the guide scope on the mount, hooked up the dslr, checked out the goto was set and working okay and after setting up the focus on the camera (PA nice and tight) on Betelguese sent the goto off to M42 and fired away...when I saw the results I couldn't believe my eyes.. had a couple of goes at galaxies, but they don't compare to this for me...yet oh I see some long nights ahead;) Regards Keithp
  14. heh heh, seems like it's easier in windoze:D just stiring the pot:eek:
  15. Don't panic...same thing with me, 12 months ago http://stargazerslounge.com/observing-discussion/72491-first-light-slightly-dissappointed.html Now look what I can do http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-deep-sky/94333-my-first-nebula.html Okay, observing is a cold and lonely vigel and thankless when the moon is out. Unless you look at the moon. My first few months that's what I did. I already had a fuji camera with a thread on the lens so then started photo'ing..oops then the budget goes out the window:D The images you see are done with a camera, you won't see them like that with the naked eye, Andromedia at best looks like a brown smudge, also the dumbell neb. That's how I first saw them to start imaging them unguided. But I still remember in about Feb or March last year calling the Missus out to look at Saturn for the first time, -3C frosty and we both looked in amazement! Outstanding. Don't give up! Regards Keithp
  16. oops, here's the re-work:o
  17. Okay, be gentle... Tonight at -6C, and with my main lappy minus a panel soon to be replaced I set up with the guide scope, Canon 500d not modified, no autoguiding as I'm still trying to work out the guide cam. Sooo I went all nice and easy....YO result my first nebula 140 seconds, iso 800, 102mm Wide View Celestron. As it came out the can, no processing, except a crop. Well chuffed!
  18. and gloved hands don't mahke ythe trakpad work2222
  19. As we speak, typing on A little asus board imaging ngc =7635, already done 434 and the orion neb. shame it's with the guide scope, not the newt. thats in for a mirror clean...god damiy t she leyt the dogs out@ \\ typi g like this is apain:D
  20. Cheers for the reply Blinky, do you mean the frequency of capture setting, if so that was on .2 If there is a seperate exposure (iso?) can you say where that is? There was no snow on the ground, only a hard frost I was looking at targets to the north away from the moon. Only just started using this setup so I'm still getting used to it, well as much as you can at these temperatures, after about 2 to 3 hours everything had frozen up so not getting much time for fully testing. Regards Keithp
  21. Hello All, hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year. I've finally got my set up working. 250px mounted on eq6 syntrek, Celestron 102mm Wide View guide scope side by side with the 250px. Orion Starshooter guide cam connected st4 to the mount and usb to laptop. Running the standard phd guide programme that came with the guide cam. I've been out the last 3 nights, in -6/7C temperatures and managed about 2/3 hours max before everything froze over. Now the question. I'm finding it quite difficult to get a nice dark clear picture on the phd software, I've had to turn the gain down to about 25% on the guide cam before I've got something resembling a little less than a snow storm. I've managed in that to lock onto stars, well a star that appeared in the fuzz but it was not as distinct as I was hoping it would be. I've moved the focus on the guide scope back and forth until the blob was at it's smallest and I've activated the guiding and it did appear to work, I could hear the mount motors pulsing. Is the lack of a dark screen due to the full moon at the moment causing too much LP? or is this normal, I remember when I was initially setting it up a few weeks ago that the picture was quite dark with no snow/interference (similar to what you would get with an out of tune analogue tv). At that time though I was running the software on my other laptop with larger screen and resolution. Could the problem be related to me now running (in the short term until I've replaced the panel on the other laptop) on my smaller asus laptop? Regards All Keithp
  22. Sorry Steve, I disagree from my previous findings. You've lost your orgininal home position from the point of view of the mount when you undo the clamps. After polar aligning the mount you need to orientate the syntrek system to the night sky via the alignment process. However when experiencing what I was then the crude undo clamps and slew manually would throw the whole process out. Regards Keithp
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