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  1. I have just returned from a few days visiting family in deepest darkest Normandy in France. I was lucky enough to be staying somewhere with no hint of light pollution for miles around and was stunned to see how much difference it makes. The number of stars I could see was staggering, and to see Andromeda with the naked eye was just incredible. But the biggest thrill for me was the Milky Way. I have never seen this before with my own eyes and was left speechless by this magnificent view, stretching across the sky above me with the dark, central region clearly visible. Simply stunning. My aim now is to take my 200p with me next time. Either that or to move there permanently!
  2. Yep, pretty chuffed with this. I've only just started using Sharpcap so quite new to it. Are there any general pointers as to what settings to use for planetary imaging or is it just a case of playing around with the settings as I have been doing?
  3. Managed to grab some frames of Saturn a few days ago (using a modified Logitech webcam and my Skywatcher 200p) and stacked this from 300 best frames on Registax. Saturn was quite low to the South West for me and the seeing wasn't perfect but gradually getting the hang of using Sharpcap and Registax.
  4. Hi, I am currently using a very old and cheap Logitech webcam (cost me around £5 if I remember correctly) to dabble with some planetary imaging through my Skywatcher 200p. I have managed to get some reasonable images but I would like to get something that will give me higher quality images and was wondering if anyone has any experience on this particular CCD, and could advise if it would yield better results than the example image I have attached, achieved with my current setup. http://www.365astronomy.com/scopiumcam-ccd-planetary-imager-p-2525.html Thanks, Brett. saturnmay30(6).bmp
  5. Was pretty amazed myself. Never seen it so sharp. Not sure if it was just due to re-collimating or good seeing. That was through my 4.5" skywatcher so will be keen to see what it looks like through the 200p I've just ordered!
  6. After spending some time working on re-collimating my scope yesterday I saw a gap in the clouds and pointed at the moon with my 8mm BST eyepiece. Grabbed my Iphone and took this picture. Little tweak with photoshop to adjust the exposure and this is what I got.
  7. Considering I only have a basic 4.5" reflector scope and a webcam that cost me less than £5, I am pretty happy with this first attempt at JupiterJupiter2301v4.bmp after a bit of playing around in registax!!!
  8. Hi, I got bought my first telescope about a year ago as a present. It is a beginner scope (Skywatcher 114 eq1 f8.7). So far I have resisted the urge to upgrade to a bigger scope but am now seriously considering it. I was wondering if anyone can suggest what would realistically be the next worthwhile step up. I don't want to spend out on a new scope unless it is going to give me noticeably better views. I want a good all rounder as I am interested in viewing planets, DSO's, Star clusters etc. I am thinking of something like the Skywatcher 200p. Would this be a worthwhile step up from what I have and also would this be better on an eq mount or a Dob? Any advice would be great. Brett.
  9. Not had much time out with the scope recently due to work and various commitments hindering my ability to stay up late enough for the skies to be dark enough, but last night I thought I would make the effort to stay up and see if I could track down some new targets that I'd not seen before. Cygnus was right overhead so started by finding Albireo - was amazed by the colour contrast between the two stars. Also managed to see M29 (cooling tower) and open cluster NGC6871. Both very cool and so satisfying to find. Are there any other similar (magnitude and ease of finding) open clusters that people can recommend looking at? Regards, Brett.
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I did think twice about posting the image, believe me! For me, the fact that everybody on here is offering encouragement and advice has made me want to stick at it and try to do better next time. I've only had a scope for 6 months so still a novice and this was a trip into the unknown and a bit of an experiment more than anything. Would getting a better/different webcam make a big difference? If so what should I look for? Thanks.
  11. Feel a bit out of my depth looking at all the amazing images on here but my first attempt at Saturn resulted in this. I used a £3 Tesco webcam on my Skywatcher 114 1000 so probably about as basic as you can get equipment wise!!! Ran it through registax 6 and basically just played about with it. I know it is very poor compared to all the images on here but if anyone has any advice for me I would love to hear! saturn6rs.bmp
  12. Just used my new BST starguider 8mm for the first time and pointed it at Saturn. Wow. I know everybody says it takes your breath away the first time you see Saturn but that just knocked me sideways. Still reeling from it. Just staggering.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions. Plenty there to keep me busy for a while. The bright moon ended any hope of looking for any dso's last night but enjoyed a good hour or so on the moon itself. Even managed to get a couple of pics through my 12mm bst using just my iPhone!
  14. Having only had my scope since Christmas, I have been enjoying the winter sky from my back garden. Just as i had got myself familiar with the skies (mainly south and west due to my position) it seems most of my favourite targets (orion nebula, pleiades) are disappearing as the year moves on. Feels like i need to start learning my way around all over again! Can anyone recommend some equally good targets to look for now?
  15. Yes I've read about albireo also in 'turn left at Orion'. Looking forward to seeing it. Has only recently occurred to me that certain parts of the sky are only visible at certain times of the year, so clearly there are a lot of other targets which are not yet visible for me. It seems there is always something new to look for as the year rolls on. I may become nocturnal!
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