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  1. Hi double thanks as I think umadog has sorted my alignment problems out as well. I have struggled to align my C8 since I got it in Feb and was becoming frustrated with not being able to select obvious bright stars to use as alignment stars. I noticed last a w in the corner of my hand control but was not aware of its importance even I have read the manual several times and not noticed any mention. Will try it out to night to see if it works. Did spend over an hour with Saturn last night with my best ever views it was a magnificent, could just make out detail on the planet itself and see the gap in the rings.
  2. Has any experience of using this with their I-pad or I-pad?
  3. Out side the sky is looking great for tonight no clouds to intrude but what am I doing? Getting ready for my schools OFSTED inspection tomorrow, are they in partnership with the clouds! I have to keep thinking about my retirement in 13 days, here's hoping clear skies and good viewing to every body.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys, particularly liked the term 'bubbling' described to a 't' what Saturn looked like the other night. I did find that backing of from the higher magnification gave mucher better view, also my scope is the SGT. If there is one thing I have learnt since becoming interested in astronomy is that perseverance is very useful useful attribute. Plenty of opportunities over the coming months to get better views, clouds permitting. in passing how do you get your equipment details at the bottom of the e-mails?
  5. A great night last night starting with the Moon amazing views the detail is stunning could almost hear the silence as I became engrossed in looking at the Moon, have started with the Lunar 100.Who can get bored with the Moon. After a quick cup of tea it was time to look at Saturn a truly wonderful site even though the viewing was very 'wavy' if that's the word, is there any system to grade the seeing? Anyway spent a happy hour with Saturn even managed to see 2 of its moons but very little detail with Saturn itself. Any hints on seeing Saturn would be welcome, my light pollution is a big problem. I am using a Celestron C8 advanced (my retirement present to my self) plus a 24 to 8mm zoom lens.
  6. What a plonked, knew it was BST all along! Another senior moment, thanks for the reply. Friday night is forecast to be good will try out your suggestions, will let you know how I get on, cheers.
  7. Hi Ronin, thanks for the reply I was beginning to think that something could be wrong with the data. I will follow your advice to see if it cures the problem, I do use a spirit level veto ensure every thing is level and a compass to line it up. One further question forgive my ignorance but what is DST ?
  8. With a promising night ahead set my scope up and had a good start with the Moon, excellent views got started on the Lunar 100. Then as darkness set in tried again to get my scopes, a Celestron C8, GoTo to work yet again it failed to get any where near the targets set for it! No longer funny. Went back to manual to find Saturn just above the houses despite the haze very impressed my best views of Saturn could even make out one of its moons. Overall a good session just wish I could get the GoTo to work.
  9. Still awaiting my first sighting of the comet, clouds always in the wrong place/time. Thought I had cracked it today lovely afternoon sunny no cloud, 5'o clock still clear, 6'o clock still clear, 6.30 another look still clear but slightly worried about signs of cloud in the east surely not again! 7.00 the clouds roll in again, no longer funny. Still there' tomorrow night and Wed has a good forecast. Moan over with.
  10. Thanks guys for your suggestions I have already got Bang the history of the Universe , Moonshot and Moore's Astronomy they all look good on first look so I have plenty to read while I wait for the sky to clear.
  11. Well still have not seen the comet in fact I have not seen anything for some time! I have read my Sky at Night magazine from cover to cover several times so I was wondering what books people would recommend for novices to read to pass the time while waiting for clear skies. I am quite keen on the Solar System, the Moon and the history of astronomy. Alan
  12. Hi Skir, thanks for your advice it has given me food for thought, interested to see you have just used a solar alignment something I have not tried. I do use a spirit level and compass to arrange the tripod, not sure everything is correctly balanced must try again. I was aware that dew could be a problem but not how quick it can spoil a session, will be investing in suitable prevention. Shame we we cannot do anything about controlling the weather? Again overwhelmed by the quick helpful responses this site produces, the friendliest site I have used. Will get clear skies tonight, lovely afternoon at the moment. Alan
  13. At last after waiting 3 weeks since I became the proud owner of a new Celestron C8-SGT a clear night, no books to mark, no parents evening so out into the backyard, set up in 20 mins ( I have practised in daylight). Then discovered setting up the GOTO was not going to be as easy as I thought, followed the manual ( I have read it honest) found the scope was a long way out in finding the stars it used to set up eventually asked it to find Jupiter some way of but managed to get in the scope excellent views. Then realised I need a dew tube as the image lost its quality. might sound like a moan but I did enjoy my self I realise where I could be going wrong but I cannot wait for another night and roll on retirement (10 weeks not that I am counting!). I would welcome any advice on using my scope. alan
  14. Slightly disappointed at the lack of replies to my questions, if people think they are too stupid to answer rember I know nothing! Please if you have a solution to my questions then please give me your answer. If my topic does not make sense or is not clear in its content then again let me know. So far I have found this forum excellent. Alan
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