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  1. if you can't wait then the Skywatcher Heritage 130 is a nice starter scope.

    I am awaiting my birthday when I hope to receiver one of these (or at least, I've been banned from telescope buying until afterwards by my girlfriend).

    I was rather influenced by "What you need to know before buying a telescope", and my logic was:

    - I don't want to wait ages before getting a scope

    - The Heritage 130 is a fairly cheap introduction

    - It's really portable (important as I live in the middle of a large town), and small (storage space is limited)

    - If I later decided to get a bigger scope I think I'd still want a dinky really portable scope

    - Also, later I'd hopefully have more of an idea of what I'd want as a second scope. I may discover things I hadn't expected about my viewing habits.

    Now I just have to wait for my damn birthday - it's taking ages. In the meantime binos do work, or even mk I eyeball and a dark sky.

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  2. Thanks guys, I think that's set out a plan for me. I like Special K's idea of 5 &12 mm lenses - I have been wondering about whether barlows are that good and idea. It's another element in the system, lots of people seem to have issues with them, it seems most of the highly regarded cheaper models are no longer available, and maybe it'd make more sense just to get another eyepiece instead. The BST Explorers look good, too.

  3. I'd second that question for a Skywatcher Heritage 130p. Beyond the stock 10 & 25mm eyepieces, what would be good to add, including, I presume a barlow? My budget is up to about £150. I've read that cheaper scopes benefit the most from good eyepieces, and if I ever get a bigger scope, well, I'd still have the eyepieces. I'd been wondering about an 8mm and a barlow? (I'd been thinking about planets - if I've worked it out right, that should be about x160 times).

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  4. Brilliant, I'm in almost exactly the same situation, also looking for a first scope, and having gone through the (apparently normal) wow-factor of computerised scopes, I've come back to "Keep it simple" and found myself looking at the Heritage 130p. It does seem to have a lot going for it. However, I'm a bit worried; I live in Reading and the glow in the sky is visible for a fair distance - would I have to make up some sort of cover for the 'missing' part of the tube? Also, as I live in a flat and lack a garden with a convenient table, what do folks actually set this form of scope up on? Is a stool really enough?

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