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  1. JonnyN

    Hello from Essex

    Hi Paul, Warm welcome from the North of Essex.
  2. Well I managed to get hold of a puffer from one of the guys at work as well as his lens cleaning pen with fine felt one end and soft brush the other (he's big into his photography). Puffered the hell out of both ends and then warily brushed away any of the more stubborn spots and then polished with the felt end. The EP has come out lovely and spotless and now I can't wait even more to try it out! Sod off snow and clouds!
  3. When I say insignificant I mean in the grand scheme of things in terms of size compared to the rest of the universe! As in a single grain in a sea of sand type analogy
  4. Thats great advice! Going to use some of this myself
  5. Welcome along to the forum, nice to see so many 200p's cropping up!
  6. Also an 8" Dob user here. Have no problem getting it into the back of the car, as jimmy said, its usually carried in one piece by the handles to the car and then separated into tube and base and stored however seems appropriate at the time! Usually base in boot and tube on back seat with seatbelt wrapped around because I'm extra paranoid. Hey at least I dont bubble wrap it for the trip!
  7. JonnyN

    Hi,and sorry :)

    Damn you! I knew something was up with the cloud lately! Welcome along to the forum
  8. JonnyN

    New member

    Dee, Hi and welcome from a fellow forum newbie
  9. Hi Jim, welcome along from another forum newbie
  10. JonnyN


    Welcome along, bet there is some great views on that side of the globe!
  11. Always humbles me when I'm reminded of info like this, makes you realise just how very small, fragile and insignificant we are on our little planet in the universe
  12. Thanks for the warning all, have held of cleaning it as I don't have a puffer or the proper baader liquid so have now got them on order! Just shame the skies are Rubbish, the EP is just sat in the focuser taunting me!
  13. Thanks guys, will give it a go tonight with some other lens cleaning fluid I've got!
  14. Just realised that the actual glass isnt moving when you screw it out so its obviously not focusing anything, ignore that part lol feel stupid now. So I'm guessing just to increase the eye relief?
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