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  1. Great!! A question for Digger, how would i go about getting an azimuth scale? Thanks again for the advice Fran
  2. Thanks everyone! Thats some awesome advice! Im not sure if my laser finder that came with the scope its completely accurate either! How could i fix this? Also, maybe a silly question, but i find it hard to use the sky guide and maps to find things, but now i know what to look for, is there a particular method which helps for beginners? Fran Thanks again everyone
  3. Hi, I got my first telescope (heritage skywatcher 130p) for christmas in 2012. From 2012 - 2013 I used the scope pretty regularly, although not as often as I should have. However, I still feel that I'm really bad at using it or something as I still cant see that many things. I look at the moon through it all the time (using the 10mm and 25mm lenses that came with the scope) and really enjoy how powerful the telescope seems to be for that. Previously Ive managed to see a double star and even jupiter, making out (vaguely) the stripe. However, through just looking through the forum etc its clear that with this telescope and same lenses, that nebulae and certain galaxies can be recognised. Am I doing something wrong? Any tips? Thanks, Fran
  4. Thanks everyone thats really useful!! Im from Berwick so no specialised shops near me I don't think, thank god for the internet eh?? Cheers!
  5. Thanks you guys! One more stupidly stupid question, which book? if any? I need something which tells me a bit about these things, for example the Orion Nebula, and where to look to find such things! Also, wait, i guess this means i'm asking two questions, but which barlow lens would be good? and would it make much of a difference when looking at jupiter etc? THANKS!
  6. Hi, I don't think you could find more of a beginner than me, I got the Skywatcher Heritage 130p for christmas and am trying to get my head around it!! Ive looked at the moon and tonight managed to see jupiter, and very vaguely it's stripes. I'm hoping to purchase a barlow and possibly 8mm eye piece in a few weeks. Its a hell of a lot to get your head around innit??
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