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  1. @Cornelius, thank for he information it proved valuable... I've heard mention but had no links to the info... @Forunke, looks like the ticket and I have all the parts to hand Got a few of tiny ESP WiFi module, could make this wireless... One quick question if you see this reply... anyone know where I can get info on the handset, might look at changing the LCD for another type if I can get some info... thanks everyone. Could have posted all three replies in one post but got ahead of myself sorry...
  2. Yep, that price was the upgrade kit... but I didn't notice as when I looked for a second hand unit some time ago best price was closer to €200 so I jumped to conclusions
  3. I want to control my telescope/EQ5 using my Laptop and something like Stellarium but my SynScan display is faulty and I can't find a replacement and I rather not pay €400 for a new one... Is it possible to control the EQ5 using any other method/device? I would consider building a control device if I could obtain the necessary technical information for interfacing to the EQ5... Mike
  4. Found a few reports here (including mine): http://arpc65.arm.ac.uk/cgi-bin/fireballs/search.pl
  5. It appears in my enthusiasm I failed to notice the date of the report assuming as I did it was the same object... To further confuse matters further I chatted with a guy from Astronomy Ireland (mentioned in the article), he was apparently aware of it and asked for the time of my sighting. I was convinced others had seen it and reported it. Personally I believe it was space junk as the shape appeared to be irregular and not spherical as one would expect if it were a meteor. It did not appear to have a long tail, perhaps about the size of the body of the object and not much longer... Finally, it was very large suggesting it was close (but no sound)... many times bigger than and meteor I have seen in new reports... The size was the thing that got me... still sends shivers down my spine... Mike
  6. Well it was spotted by a lot of people: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2012/0922/1224324270462.html
  7. Not sure where to put this but I've seen something I have no idea what... not so much an astro sighting as a strange sighting... Was testing my latest purchase, a pair of second hand binoculars as it's one of the clearest night I've seen in ages... I was looking at the moon to see how much detail I could as I have never used binoculars at night before... Anyway, something fiery passed my vision to quick for me to focus I put them down and looked normally (without my glasses I might add)... Whatever it was if was on fire but made no sound... could have been anything... It did appear to be low down form what I could tell, it's path was pretty much across my field of view (I was looking west)... heading north, north/west or should I say falling... Very strange... quite big but as I said I had taken of my glasses to use the binoculars so I can't give any more detail, save to say it was the strangest thing I have ever seen... Time: 21:00 give or take... Just in case someone else noticed it of perhaps in the course of time someone will identify it, I thought I post... Still kinda hyper... it was big.... Mike
  8. I built it using phpBB so it can handle registration and support a forum but I am now downgrading to simplify it... apart from that it's up and running... Currently uploaded images automatically create a thumbnail image which when clicked on open the big image in a popup... just need some more tweaks for this bit... Mike
  9. Many thanks James... just the info I needed...
  10. These links are probably already know but I though I add them here in case other looking for info find their way here... Some WebCam technical data: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/molyned/web-cameras.htm Long Exposure Webcams and Image Stacking Techniques: http://keithwiley.com/Downloads/WileyK_ChambersS_LongExposureWebcams.pdf
  11. I've picked up three webcams for small money and want to experiment with them... I could not get any detailed information for the CCD's they use, so have no idea if they will produce results... The next step is some software to capture the images/video but again here I have no idea which program so I downloaded several and have started playing with them... I have come across mention of long exposures but don't fully understand how this would work with a webcam... It appears certain webcams (with a hardware mod) allow long exposures while others allow this with software and no need for hardware modification... I have always associated long exposure with a single image... so how does this work with webcams?
  12. South west (Ireland) still a few places where lights don't go... maybe one of the little islands to be absolutely sure...
  13. How would this webcam rate... http://www.creative.com/mylivecam/products/product.aspx?catID=1&pid=20165 Sensor: Full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) image sensor
  14. @Frederick do you have a link?
  15. I didn't mean move, just wonder if anyone has experience with it... I need a faster processor to experiment with image recognition and it provides up to 80Mhz and interrupts...
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