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  1. Is this offer in the Uk lidl stores, I see it in the Lidl in Ireland but is it also in the mainland uk ? Lidl Ireland as far as I can see, unless someone else knows otherwise. Perhaps from a received newsletter update?
  2. Greetings everyone, I am hoping for some advice from the experienced users here please. Looking to purchase my first set of binoculars for gazing at the night sky, as I have recently got very interested in everything to do with physics and the Big Bang. I understand that the best option is to go for something along the lines of a 10x50 set but have become baffled by the sheer array of products available. Products I have shortlisted so far include; Celestron Ultima DX 9x63. Opticron IMagic 10x50. Opticron Vega II 8x56. There have been others on my list, but these were subsequently removed due to the poor reviews I read, which in the main were related to QC issues from them all being Chinese manufactured, hence why the Opticron's have appeared, as it is my understanding these are still Japanese manufactured? I'd be grateful for opinion's and advice please to enable me to make some kind of decision. Price limit is around £120, cheaper would be better, as always! Thanks in advance. GB.
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