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  1. I'm aware of the dangers when looking at the sun at anytime but I would really like to be able to have a go at some time soon. What do I need to ensure there are no risks?
  2. Glad I haven't yet fixed it to my new dob200-nearly put it back to front ! What are the pros & cons of where you fix it on the tube - i.e. top end or bottom?
  3. As a beginner and new owner of a 200 Dobson, I decided to invest in a Cheshire collimator. Are there any videos using this bit of kit which show clearly how to useit?I
  4. What advantage (if any) would I get by going for a 2" eyepiece rather than 1.25"?
  5. Went ahead and bought the Telrad but now I've read that you can get an extension Piece which sets it off away from the scope -is this correct?
  6. Hi to all who have helped a real novice. For once I'm not asking a question, just to say I've had my first view of the moon through my new scope. I know to most of you its old hat but wow! The craters look amazing, with the lighting spectacular. I had already seen Jupiter and 4 of its moons but it looks small and I didn't pick up much in the way of detail but tonight has been brilliant!
  7. Still having problems with the android version. If thee's anyone who can shed some light on it I'd appreciate it
  8. Sorry about sausage fingers. Having read all the advice about how good and informative Stellarium is, I invested my £1.99 and downloaded a vesion onto my tablet. No instructions and I'm struggling to make use of it - any advice please?
  9. Ideally not much more than £60. Would there be any benefit in also going for something lkke a 32mm?
  10. A beginner waiting for all this frustrating cloud to clear so I can start getting to grips with my first 'proper' telescope - a Dobsonian200. I'm confident that i'm doing the right thing by investing in a Cheshire collimator & Telrad (the finderscope which came with the telescope is not helping my back pain!), but i'm also contemplating investing in another eyepiece. Would this be a good move? I was thinking of either a 4mm or 6mm and one of decent quality - any suggestions please? This forum is brilliant - so many people so willing to help
  11. My scope is a Dobs200 so I would guess it's big enough to take the larger Telrad? Are they both easy to fit?
  12. dob200 and used both the 10mm & 25mm eyepieces. I saw four moons to the left of Jupiter but was disappointed in the lack of clarity in the planet itself. The size of the image was small but I wss expecting that - maybe I've been expecting too much?
  13. Total novice-got my first ever viewing of Jupiter last night. Was hoping for a bit more detail - how can I tell if my scope needs collimating?
  14. my firstever scope which i bought last month as the Dob200 & I have to admit it was much bigger and heavier than I was expecting. As an old gheezer with back problems which go back over 20 years, I find the problem isn't the weight but the awkwardness of the object. Don't suppose there's much you can do other than separate the tube from the mount each time you move it
  15. Having sorted out the finderscope issue from earlier in the week, i had my first proper viewing tonight. In the absence of a sighting of the moon from my patio, Jupiter was the obvious target. As a complete novice, it still took me a while to actually get it in the eyepiece but got there eventually before cloud put a stop to it. Were the moons the 4 objects to the left? Amazing to think how far away it is!
  16. Thanks - I'll follow your advice at the next opportunity then keep my fingers crossed!
  17. I know it will seem a really dopey question to nearly everyone but I have to ask or I'll end up giving up even before I've started! To set the finderscope, do I point the scope at a distant fixed object (preferably in daylight) then make the adjustments on the finderscope until the cross hairs are more or less central in the viewfinder and with the same object visible? I've had my first ever scope (Dob 200) out twice and am struggling to make any progress. At this rate I'll end up just looking through the eyepiece and chasing things across the sky!
  18. thanks for the replies - contributors to this forum are so helpful. I'm guessing covering the scope with anything other than polythene would be ok?
  19. Sorry about that but was going to ask am I ok leaving my dob200 in the shed - its a bit heavy to be bringing into the house every time those clouds come back over?
  20. Took my dobs 200 out for the first time last night - never having seriously looked through a scope other than those at the seaside looking out to the ocean. Before the cloudcover sent me indoors, my 60+ year old body (with what feels sometimes like 70 year old bones) was struggling to get itself in a comfortable position to look through the finderscope! Is there an easier way of trying to find your intended target?
  21. As a complete novice it seems that this programme could prove to be a real help - can I download to my tablet (Samsung 2). I'm new to the tablet as well so please be patient
  22. ramstar

    raw beginner

    Many thanks for the warm welcome. Today's the day of reckoning so I hope everyone is on standby!
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