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  1. That's another thing that's great about this forum - you don't have to wait long for help. The problem I foresee is actually locating a target via the eyepiece unless I get lucky quickly! Will give it a go the next clear night we get. Thanks
  2. Is there a knack to doing this? Having taken the original finderscope off my 200 Dob because it was doing my back no good at all, I now have a problem in aligning my Telrad with the scope. I tried yesterday by getting a distant church steeple in the eyepiece but fof the life of me could I seeanything in the Telrad- not a bean! Is it one if those tasks carried out just before dusk when you can see your target a long way off but also see the bullseye?. Any thoughts please?
  3. I know by comparison with many if the objects in the night sky, but I find Pleides absolutely stunn
  4. As still very much a beginner, I'm desperate to catch my first sighting of Saturn. Problem is, apart from having to get up early for work, my patio is surrounded by neighboring houses so anything that's really low in the sky will not be seen! Will I have much chance of seeing this oh so special object?
  5. Will look forward to the review. Eyepiece 'wanting' certainly doesn't take long to show itself does it?
  6. Stargazing00 I see you have the ET82* 4.7mm. How often do you use it & would I be likely to get much benefit buying one rather than the BST 5mm for my SW200. I've currently got the ET82* 6.7mm & 14mm on order from the States?
  7. Doud Sorry -old sausage fingers beit again, looks like I've deleted by mistake - any chance of re-sending please?
  8. Well that's a relief - I'm having enough bother with my scope!
  9. Sorry to ask but keep seeing references to collimating binos - just how is this done and is it required at the same frequency as say a 200dob?
  10. Thanks for the advice - they would be for sky rather than bird watching.. I'm very much a newcomer to all this - the price differential is just a few quid but would a change from 8x42 to the 10x50 really make that much of a difference? Also I prefer to be 'hands on' with them rather than mount them on a tripod. Another pair I was l considering are the Pentax PCF WP 11
  11. They already look comfortable in their new surroundings. I've got the 6.7 & 14 on order but not expecting them for a while yet . You do realise you've now scuppered any decent viewing until November!
  12. Decided I was missing something so have decided to buy my first decent pair of binoculars. I can go up to approx £150 and was thinkingabout the Opticron 8 x 42 Imagic. any thoughts or opinions on these orsuggested alternatives please?
  13. Having only had my 200dob since Christmas, the first of whats likely to be numerous additional buys was a Telrad - I just couldn't get on with the finderscope. I've tied it down with parcel tape but don't do what I did - leave it switched on for days then realising I would have to cut the tape to replace the now flat battery! DOH!
  14. As much as poss but certainly nebulae, the moon & planets
  15. Looking to buy my first pair - maximum budget of £150? anyrecommendations please would be appreciated
  16. With regard to filtering, , I've bought the Baader film but given the importance of getting things right from a safety point of view, it might be helpful to have an idea of some of the designs other posters have come up with for various home-made filters which have proved to be successful and more importantly, safe?
  17. Not sure if this is a daft question - is there a good and a bad time to look at the sun e.g. a rising or setting sun, full glare etc?
  18. I do have a Telrad - I really would struggle to find what a want by just using the findrrscope. Do you find that you use the 6-3mm zoom very often?
  19. Yes - I had thought of buying from the US as an option
  20. Thanks for all the advice. I certainly feel that I need to replace the basic 10 & 25mm -maybe with an 11 & 18 of good quality
  21. Would there be much difference between the7mm you suggest and the 8mm I already have. I find it difficult to grasp how much there is between what appears to be almost similar specs?
  22. I don't expect one to cover both requirements - I hope to find that I'm reasonably covered for a while with what I have - I was just wondering, as an ingulgence while I can, to invest in one eyepiece which will make me go 'WOW! when conditions are just right?
  23. Haha! Only had both the 8mm & 32mm about 3 weeks & no surprise that I've not used them yet because of all this cloud. Funny - I never noticed them until now
  24. Apart from the standard 10 & 20mm which came with the scope, I've added a Hyperion 8mm & a Panaview 32mm
  25. As a beginner with main interests so far being planets & nebulae, I'm thinking of treating myself to one quality eyepiece, prepared to go up to £250 - £300 at a squeeze! In my situation, what would you go for and why - my scope is the 200 Dob (f6)
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