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  1. I've spent 2 hours this afternoon fiddling with mine and in frustration ended up with it like the photo, thinking I'll never get the hang of this collimation lark. I feel a lot better now - thank you all
  2. Please, what's thedifference between Synscan and Syntrek and when would you choose one over the other?f
  3. I've had my 200 Dob for a few months now and am more than pleased with it. However, with a view to looking out for gear that will get me into imaging, particularly planets and the moon, I thought one option would be to buy used as and when what I felt would be a piece of kit became available., even if I took 12 months to be up and running. Doesn't work like that though does it? I bought an Evostar 100ED Pro (impulse buy as you do) and now want to start usingit. Will the HEQ Pro be stable enough for the Evostar but ill it also support the Dob or should I be thinking more along the HEQ6 Pro?I
  4. After a few months of enjoying my first telescope (8" Dob), I've decided I want to try imaging - not necessarily straight away but within the next 6-12 months. My thinking was to try and pick up the main items (mount, scope and camera) from the used market, even if this meant buying something which would have to be put away for some time, waiting for the next to come along. I recently found what I thought was an opportunity too good to miss so bought a SW ED2 Pro 100mm APO refractor. I realise now it's f9 and that its' strength probably lies with lunar and planetary imaging but is that likely to be it? Am I likely to be able to use it for DSOs? Also, what sort of mount should I be looking for which will provide the necessary stability for imaging?
  5. I agree with Jetstream - the eyepiece reports make interesting reading even though I can never see me spending the sort of cash an Ethos would need. Having said that, based on similar reports and comments, I did invest in a 10mm Delos and am more than pleased with it. han happy with my purchase. Reports as far as I'm concerned provide enthusiasts of all levels of experience with information and yes, they will be one individuals' point of view, it is up to each reader to disseminate the content and do what they want with it.
  6. Fretting over nothing - order placed with SCS on the 16th June and in my grubby little hands today so credit where credit's due. Its bigger than i thought
  7. Why do I keep doing the dumbest things - posted my question AFTER placing my order. Suppose I'll just have to sit and stew. What's the betting viewing will be great until the day it arrives?
  8. The company promoting this sale, to say the least, don't show up well in the Suppliers Review. Anyone able to update with your experiene, particularly with regard to the current Delos sale?
  9. I'm around 30 miles west of Limoges and never, never have I seen skies like the last 2 nights! Why can't they be like this at home?
  10. There's a couple of type 6 naglers for sale in the Classifieds - what do you reckon is a reasonable price for 2nd hand in good nick?
  11. Currently on my jollies in Central France - wonderful clear skies around midnight and where's my Dob -back home! Got 10x50 bins so still amazing to just stare and be amazed. Seeing 3 or 4 lights moving across the sky in different directions - not planes I think but satellites?
  12. Matt With that budget it's understandable you want to make the right purchase. I'm not experienced enough to give an opinion but there's certainly many on here who are. Have patience, they will soon be along to give you some sound advice. e
  13. I asked you guys last week to leave bragging up these eyepieces and now look what you've done! Anymore nonsense like this and I'll have to send the boys round for a quiet word! You have been warned! Seriously, you have at the very least made me re-think my current buying strategy. My interests at the moment are as simple as seeing what I can see - so far mainly planets, the moon and open clusters. I have a 32mm Panaview, 24mm ES82 & x2 FE arriving this week, Bst 5mm and a newly acquired 6mm BGO. On backorder I have 2 Es82 at 6.7mm & 14mm. Should I be tempted to cancel these and invest in either the Pentax or Delos 10mm? What would you do in my position - more cash upfront but with the eps on order am I duplicating what I have?but he
  14. So far my main targets have been Jupiter & the moon and after last night, I've added Saturn to that short list. Quite happy with what I saw through my BST 5mm but if I was to seriously consider investing in an ortho, which would you recommend and why (in a 200 Dob)
  15. You guys have just got to stop doing these eyepiece evaluations - very much still a beginner but now I want an ortho! A week ago I didn't even know what one was! :-)
  16. Sorry for the delay in replying - I have the Skyliner 200 - f6
  17. Having waited and waited and wwaited, now I've seen it.Absolutely exquisite! It's amazing to see something you first read about in comics so many years ago. Using my BST 5mm, yes it was small but perfectly clear - was the moon lower and to the left Titan?Roll on the next clear night!
  18. Thanks for the reply. I'll be honest - I read the reviews and they were key to me going down the ES route. Yes, the extender is the 2" model which I understand can be used with 1.25" eyepieces
  19. Need some advice please. having convincedmyself of the shortcomings of the 10mm & 25mm eyepieces that came with the SW200, I have begun to put together a variety of eyepieces which I hope will stand me in good stead in the years to come. Probably the simplest thing to do is summarise where I'm up to so far. I have a BST 5mm, Hyperion 8mm and a 32mm Panaview. I'm happywith these but this is the point where I'm doubting my stsategy! I have ES82 at 6.7mm & 14mm on order from the States but they are both on backorder so I'm not holding my breath that I will get them anytime soon. With the aim of replacing the original 25mm I have ordered an ES x 2 extender and Es82* 24mm, both in stock and on theirway. This I'm assuming will cover me not just with 24mm but also a 12mm with the extender. The extender used with the 14mm gives me 7mm (?) So should I cancel the 6.7mm altogether or swap it for something else? What do you guys suggest?
  20. Anyone used a company called High Point Scientific? If so, what was yourexperience? Thanks
  21. Endorse all the good wishes from the members - hope it's soon clear skies in more ways than one!
  22. Excellent - I have the 6.7mm & 14mm on order and this review has just heightened the anticipation! Can't wait
  23. Couldn't replace the finderscope because the Telrad is now too close to the bracket. Anyway, I went out just as the light was fading and targeted a radio mast about 4 miles away as the crow flies. It was lit up like Blackpool Tower so no problem finding it, initially with a 32mm eyepiece then fine tuning with a 5mm. Thanks for all the advice
  24. I'm with alanjgreen. Got a decent sized standard torch and painted on 3 or 4 layers of red varnish - sorted! I may be useless at collimating but I'm now a dab hand at applying nail varnish
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