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  1. Thank you Shaun and Rae. Speedy help, as always on this site. Mission accomplished; App successfully downloaded. It does seem strange that it is so difficult to find. I had searched under every combInation I could come up with, including SkyQ ! Looking forward to my link arriving today - clear skies tonight? Not looking good at present. Thanks again. All the best. Peter
  2. Hi all you Celestron SkyQ users. Can I tap into the experience bank. It should be considerable by now. I am trying to find the SkyQ wifi link App on App Store to download on to my iPad. My searches keep drawing a blank. Please - what did you search for to find the correct one? Thank you, Peter
  3. Now, why can't I open the attachment from Nebula?
  4. It feels like home from home already.
  5. Thank you to all of you for the overwhelming welcome. My experience of SGL, so far, has been nothing but good - my questions have been answered and guidance given promptly and helpfully. Very impressive. Thanks
  6. Thank you both. The file was just over 400k. I deleted everything that I had previously downloaded from the SkyWatcher support website and started again from scratch. The main difference was that this time I had no problem downloading the Firmware Loader. Having done this, the rest just fell into place; the update downloaded and opened automatically and then updated the controller. I think that my failure to download the Firmware Loader, for whatever reason, has been the cause of my difficulty. Anyway, mission accomplished. Thank you for your help and encouragement. Had it not been for your latest posts on this subject, I had sttled for leaving things as they were.
  7. What a legacy he leaves. Thank you Patrick. Rest in Peace.
  8. Thank you for your attempts to steer me in the correct direction. I have done everything as recommended but winrar does not want to open the download either. I keep getting the same message, after several fresh attempts from the beginning, to the effect that there is some reason why opening is not possible. I do not like accepting that I cannot achieve that which appears so simple. Nor do I find it easy when I do not understand what I am doing wrong. Maybe it's my age!? Right now, I feel I have taken up enough of your time (and mine) so will leave it as version 3.06 until I get a flash of inspiration. Thank you for trying. Much appreciated. Peter
  9. Peter. As you said, it's in the figures! you are correct, of course. I have version 3.06. Worth the clat of updating or not? Thanks. Peter
  10. Thanks BCFC1979. I'll be on th case tonight and give it a try. Peter
  11. Hi Peter, I've just tried right-clicking on the download. It doesn't give me any options to 'Extract' or anything similar. If I try to do anything else from there, I end up back at the 'buy WinZip to unzip your download' pop-up! I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions? Thank you, Peter
  12. Thanks Peter. It is the 3.07 version that I have downloaded and it arrived in a Zip. I have the powered-up handset/controller in front of me (having powered up with 0 and 8 depressed. It reads, from left to right - 'SynScan Ver. 1.7 Update' So that deals with the figures. Interested in your comments. I'll have another go at opening the Zip (which, incidentally, arrived as a WinZip package) I'll keep you posted. Peter
  13. I have been trying now for some time, to update my Synscan AZ handset firmware, for use on a Skymax127. The current firmware is series 1.7. So far, I have connected the handset to my laptop (windows 7). I have tried to follow the instructions in the Skywatcher AZ GOTO Instruction Manual and gone to the website to download and save the firmware downloader, so far, without success. However, I have managed to download the 2.7 version firmware but have been unable to open it and use it without purchasing (£25) and downloading a Winzip opening package! I do object to this and have not done so. Hence my question. Am I missing something very simple, or, do I really have to buy an opening package in order to use the upgrade? Any help will be very much appreciated. My sanity is at stake!
  14. Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum although I have had an interest in astronomy since the 1970s. The interest has remained but the degree of activity has varied due to the usual things: work, family, opportunity etc. I have and am still getting used to a Skymax 127 with GOTO and synscan. it's good to be here and to read some of the interesting and helpful posts.
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