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  1. Hi, Just added a little bit more info to my image (object name and the red shift values and one or two more objects...(?))! Cheers, paulo
  2. I wish you the best possible seeing! Here it is just rain all over the country :-(. Cheers, paulo
  3. Nice :-) I used your annotations to update my image (Hope you don't mind ) . I used astrometrica but obtained different values for the mag! Thanks, paulo
  4. Hi, After a lot of work I think this is a more realistic approach to the HDF! The red circles are the objects I THINK could be identified in my image! Next step it is to annotate the objects (and of course....get more exposure time!) Cheers, paulo
  5. Hi, Here my effort from the past night! I am not convinced that this is the real HDF...! I think there is some offset from the original one! I will try to draw the lines more accurately and I will try to annotate some the objects (?) Observatory: MPC J15 (PT) Tak FS102 NSV @ 641mm (res:2.19 arcsec/pixel) QSI532WS-M1 @ -20ºC Unfiltered: 9x1200s Cheers, paulo
  6. I'm in! Tonight I will try 9x 1200s! Unfortunatelly I cannot change my resolution in remote (it will be just 2.19arcsec/pixel). I will post the result (!) tomorrow morning . Paulo
  7. Thanks for looking and for the kind comments Paulo
  8. Hello, Here my versions of the Wizard Nebula processed in 3 different ways! I captured the photons late last year with my Tak Fs102NSV @ f/6.2 and my QSI532WS-M1 : Ha-5nm - 30x 1800s OIII-3nm - 19x1800s SII-5nm - 19x1800s Since my camera have microlenses and it is a NABG I added spikes to the final images! Cheers from Portugal paulo HST (SII,Ha,OIII) False RGB (Ha, Ha+OIII, OIII) - "less red" False RGB (Ha, Ha+OIII, OIII) - "more red"
  9. Very nice in a not so easy object :-) I prefer the wide field image. Paulo
  10. Thanks for all the kind comments :-) Paulo
  11. Thanks for all your kind comments :-) I will go deeper next year...yes I need to be patient! paulo
  12. Thanks Lee, I will continue next year :-) Paulo
  13. Hi, My last processed Rosette in SHO. This is a 6 pane mosaic for a total of 85.5 hours exposure time! (6x (Ha-21x 900s (bin1x1); OIII-18x 900s (bin1x1); SII-18x 900s (bin1x1))) Tak FS102NSV @ f/6.2 QSI532WS-M1 35% of the full. Cheers, paulo
  14. Hello, I only have the Ha layer for now! 20 mins subs with the Tak FS102 @ f/6.2 + QSI532WS-M1 (There are lots of blooms so I decided for the spikes!). Cheers paulo
  15. Ok Dave. Yes I saw that wonderful image of the IFN (and I was amazed for the 30 mins subs with such a fast OTA). I will try 30 mins but since my camera is NABG I'm afraid that I will end with enormous blooms all over! Cheers, paulo
  16. Hi Dave, I have 20.3 hours of Lum data! If you want to use it just tell me and I will send it to you! It would be nice to see the IFN in colour :-). Cheers, paulo
  17. Hi Dave, Very nice image, congratulations! Cheers, paulo
  18. Ok, I think this will be the last processing for the data I have. A lot less reddish! But the image, after "passing" for Astrobin, became larger and low res!!! Not the same as I see it directely in Win image viewer! Thanks for seeing it. Cheers, paulo
  19. Thanks! Yes, now that I see it with fresh eyes and in amother screen, it seems too red to me too :-(. I will work on it. Now the image link is working again, thanks :-). About the stars: I stretch using a mask so the stars are not that bad. Cheers, paulo
  20. Thanks for all the comments :-). I'm posting my latest processing (a more usual redish version...). Image at 50% of full! Unfortunatelly it seems that I cannot use the image link anymore!!! So the attached image is a very low res version! Cheers, paulo
  21. I cannot post my last processed image!
  22. Thanks for all the comments :-) Cheers, paulo
  23. Thanks Peter! I'm still trying to find the rigth processing for the data I have! The Ha is great (And I could stretch much more without na increase at the noise level). But the OIII is much more problematic! Cheers, paulo
  24. Thanks! I do not have a 100% image link for now! Here is another version at 50%.
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