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  1. Thanks everyone . Barry, I will do that thanks for the advice! Cheers Paulo
  2. Thank you for seeing it and for the comments! The difference between the 2 is that in the second one I applied the greystoration "filter". Cheers, paulo
  3. From last september and october lights. Ha-5nm: 40x 1200s OIII-5nm: 40x 1200s Tak FS102 NSV @ 641 mm + QSI532WS-M1 What do you prefer? I gave it subtle colors (I saw many saturated ones in the web, maybe it is best that way I don't know!) Cheers, paulo
  4. Nice image, congratulations! Great colors indeed. Cheers Paulo
  5. Thank you for seeing it and for the kind comments Cheers, paulo
  6. Hello, This is what I got last September with my FS102 @ 641 mm and my QSI532WS-M1. This was a bad year to me with not much time for this hobby RGB with 41x 900s Ha-5nm and 40x 900s OIII-5nm. Processed this evening in a hurry. I have the Eastern Veil too but not processed yet! Cheers, Paulo
  7. Hi Luis, It is nice for a DSLR . Since I've done this target last year with 1200 sec subs, it is nice to have point of comparison! Here what an uncalibrated, unbloomed shot with a 102 mm refractor at f6.2 and a QSI532WS looks like! Let's make the good weather dance for the next months Cheers, paulo
  8. Exceptional image, congratulations! Do you use any corrector? Cheers Paulo
  9. Thank you for all your kind comments ☺ I will try another approach for the bubble! I have great OIII signal for the bubble and the NGC7538. But I would like too to acquire the SII signal as soon as possible (weather permits) to process it as HST. Cheers Paulo
  10. Hello, I had 3 reasonable nights this week and decided to get some data for this mosaic. Here version 1 made of 2x (Ha: 25x 15min + OIII: 30x 15min). Tak FS102 NSV @ 641mm + QSI 532WS-M1 @ -20ºC. RGB: Ha-sG-OIII I will try to improve the Bubble region (there is reasonably strong OIII signal there) in version 2. Cheers, paulo
  11. Thanks for your interest and kind comments ☺. Cheers Paulo
  12. Hello Olly, Yes, I have the 8 panel too for the OIII signal. I'm posting both panels (just scaled and reduced in size). Cheers, paulo Ha-5nm: 8x 62x15min OIII-3nm: 8x 77x15min And the inverted OIII image here (there is some nebulosity around but not that much). Cheers, Paulo
  13. Thanks again ☺. Yes Olly, a full frame could do it in single panel or two! But since I only have my QSI532......! This was try 1! I will try another rgb processing soon (need fresh eyes)! I had problems composing the OIII mosaic and spend lot of time until get it done! Cheers Paulo
  14. Hello, Finally I finished this project started last May! It is a 8 panel mosaic acquired with my Tak FS102NSV @ 641mm + QSI532WS-M1. Total acquisition time: 278 hours. Ha-5nm : 8x 62x15min OIII-3nm: 8x 77x15min Processed as RGB. Not easy to get the OIII signal...again (since I made a squid only version just after Nicolas discovered it back in 2012, and I knew it). This is version 1 for the RGB/2015. Cheers, paulo
  15. Nice work Olly! The Ha image have a more 3D ambiance, the color one have the stars: both nice. There is no void space in the images Cheers, paulo
  16. Thank you for seeing it and for the comments :-) Cheers, paulo
  17. Hi, While waiting for the bat I managed to get some Ha and OIII data of this one! But I will need to wait until the next year to finish it! Tak FS102NSV @ 641 mm + QSI532WS-M1 Ha: 4h OIII: 4 h Processed as RGB. Cheers, paulo
  18. Hi, here is mine from 2010! Made with Ha, OIII from my QSI532 and RGB for the stars with older Canon 40D image! This is one of my summer object for this year! Cheers, Paulo
  19. Thank you for your kind comments :-). I will try to bring a little more color to the stars in the next processing iteration! Cheers Paulo
  20. Hi, I got some time to reprocess the data obtained with my Tak FS102 NSV @ 641mm + QSI532WS-M1 and here it is the result. I hope to bring some more details in the next processing step (because I have a lot of Ha signal that it was not exploited!). Cheers, Paulo
  21. Resolution + integration time + great seeing + Low LP. For now I cannot improve my resolution (but I will)! More integration time will not bring anything new with my resolution :-( Keep the thread open until someone rent the VLT Cheers, paulo
  22. Hi, With more 9x 1800s unfiltered! I will end here because I think my system cannot give me more! I needed more resolution :-( The image shows just the updated objects (from my previous image). Cheers, paulo
  23. Very nice and clean image Olly, congratulations . I love the Tec140. Paulo
  24. Hi, Gx Nº1 apprx 1.2 Gyr Gx Nº669 apprx 1.2 Gyr Gx Nº913 apprx 1.9 Gyr Gx Nº534 apprx 2.5 Gyr Gx Nº297 apprx 4.9 Gyr Gx Nº90 apprx 5.4 Gyr Cheers, paulo
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