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  1. ic capture runs on usb 2 , I believe , maybe your usb is ubs1? sounds like your pc is not keeping up the data flow that,s coming in. just a wild guess
  2. Registax 6 , autostakkert 2 ,winjupos, moon and planets ccd stack , nebulosity , deepskystacker, maxdl , pix insight , deepsky.
  3. ok Will try this programm , pff another software package to learn . What a hobby! but if it,s worth .... i saw that after 90 sec,s the rotation is visable already .. thx for the tip
  4. if it works fine , sure , I just started this aspect of our hobby so I am open to all suggestions is it a better way of combining Rgb?
  5. As you can read above , lower the iso settings to reduce noise. And focus perfectly. Some Nice results on the moon are made by using a red filter. in ps use the unsharp mask filter in a copied layer and despeckle filter , change opacity to your liking or in registax 6 the wavelets filters.
  6. Wow , Nice wideview image. that costed a lot off processing time I recon.
  7. For answering that q. I need more info of exposuretime , equipment used , camera settings , filters?
  8. Did you use all the frames in the final stack? A step up is a dmk color camera,the older types are on second hand market abundant and cheap.
  9. Thx for the thumbs up , I started out by using registax 6 to do the alligning stacking and combining. It gave a lot off artefacts on the surface. I changed my favourite program to autostakkert 2 AS!2. Made by Emil Kraaikamp who is one of the best planetary imagers I know. It only allignes and stacks the frames.from there I open registax and do some wavelets sharpening. This image was alligned and stacked in registax ( the r g and b tiffs ) . It,s still giving some artefacts on the edges but now I know a way of doing the Rgb alligning and combining the rgb in PS. this method works perfect imho . cant wait to image again , but the wheather is about AS bad AS in the uk . waiting on cs. Frans
  10. Hi all, my first post here... I just November 2012)started imaging the planets and still learning the processing techniques. I imaged Jupiter the 14th -11 with reasonable steady seeing conditions. processed in AS!2 and photoshop. still some artefacts on the edge but am working on that. 800 off 2500 frames stacked in RGB. takahashi Mewlon 210 DMK 618 Ultima 2x barlow cheers Frans
  11. Hi all, my name is frans lalleman and I live in the haque , the Netherlands. I am an fanatic amateur that likes to take deepsky images aswell planetary images. I have an Alexander observatories roll off observatory in my backyard. small but perfect for the dutch wheather conditions. my website is www.sterrenwacht-wave.nl greetings Frans
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