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  1. Much more difficult here in Ireland tonight, plenty of cloud about, but I was just rewarded with a brief break in the cloud to allow 20 minutes or so with the binos. Not as spectacular as last night due to the conditions, but still worth the effort. I think after two late nights I'll retire to my sack and enjoy all the wonderful pics that are rolling in for a while.

  2. Fantastic here in the West of Ireland tonight, was looking iffy for a bit but it all came good, super views with the 10x50's and also a 25mm eye piece on my little Meade ETX70, clearly visible with the naked eye also. Been trying for a while to catch a view so Im totally made up tonight, only the 2nd naked eye comet  I have ever seen.

    What struck me about this comet was the huge length of the tail, it really is fantastic, far better than I ever expected.  Back off out now for more because this is Ireland, it could rain till xmas from tomorrow, so got to make the most of it.

    Good luck to everyone, hope you all get a chance to view this wondeful sight

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  3. I went out with my 10x50's for a short time this evening and took in M31 as a starting point, I am lucky enough to have dark skies here, but its already been said, the moon is bright tonight and the view was really quite poor It does get better with less moonlight. I have no problem viewing M31 with 10x50's and on moonless nights its an easy naked eye object.

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  4. Hello all,

    I am trying to set up my ocular views in Stellarium for my Meade ETX70. I have 3 standard Meade MA eyepieces 25mm, 12mm and 4mm

    Stellarium has accepted those eyepieces and calculated the magnification for each one correctly. However, it also needs the aFOV for each eyepiece.

    Could someone please be kind enough to point me in the right direction to find this information or explain how to calculate it.

    Many thanks

  5. have you looked at teleskopservice for the gso dobs?i looked at one and was close to buying but heard better reviews about the lightbridge and the skywatcher

    Thanks for that, Yes, the GSO is on my list for consideration, Im still undecided at the moment. But I can certainly get the GSO to here cheaper than the others.

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  6. Many thanks for this :smiley:

    After a bit of a delay in the post, I finally have a nice pair of 10x50's so will trying to track down some of your suggestions, in fact I'll have to catch up on Octobers as well.

    But at the moment I am paying the price of my recent purchase......cloud, cloud..........and more cloud.

    I wonder if new binocular owners have to wait as long as new telescope owners for the cloud to clear. Surely not :grin:

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