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  1. Over the last 2 evenings I have been able to view the comet again after a week of constant cloud. Im no expert but it did seem dimmer to my eye and I was surprised to see how high it was in the sky, in fact I spent 15 minutes scanning 5-10 degrees up with my binoculars before I found it much higher up. Also when I first viewed it the tail was angled roughly 45 deg now its almost 180 deg straight up. A lot has changed in a week. Great night though and delighted to get another look.
  2. Since I made my first post and sighting of Comet Neowise back on the 11th its been constant cloud and drizzle/rainy conditions here in Ireland. I really hope I get another chance, its so frustrating
  3. Some truly wonderful images on this thread....thanks to all for sharing, from sketches to smartphones to cameras and scopes I have enjoyed them all, do please keep them coming
  4. Much more difficult here in Ireland tonight, plenty of cloud about, but I was just rewarded with a brief break in the cloud to allow 20 minutes or so with the binos. Not as spectacular as last night due to the conditions, but still worth the effort. I think after two late nights I'll retire to my sack and enjoy all the wonderful pics that are rolling in for a while.
  5. Fantastic here in the West of Ireland tonight, was looking iffy for a bit but it all came good, super views with the 10x50's and also a 25mm eye piece on my little Meade ETX70, clearly visible with the naked eye also. Been trying for a while to catch a view so Im totally made up tonight, only the 2nd naked eye comet I have ever seen. What struck me about this comet was the huge length of the tail, it really is fantastic, far better than I ever expected. Back off out now for more because this is Ireland, it could rain till xmas from tomorrow, so got to make the most of it. Good luck
  6. Jem7

    John Young

    Sad news indeed, but what an incredible life he lived. RIP
  7. Tricky conditions for me so far, mist cloud and bright moon. Looking forward to hopefully catching a glimpse in the coming week or so
  8. Many thanks Steve, looking forward to hopefully catching a glimpse of Comet Lovejoy in the next couple of weeks, I have been unsuccessful so far. Mist cloud, then cloud and mist, then when it clears a bright moon! Fingers crossed. Happy new year to you.
  9. 500 million mile remote control......freaking awesome
  10. think they are taking a lunch break, back at 1.00pm they said
  11. I went out with my 10x50's for a short time this evening and took in M31 as a starting point, I am lucky enough to have dark skies here, but its already been said, the moon is bright tonight and the view was really quite poor It does get better with less moonlight. I have no problem viewing M31 with 10x50's and on moonless nights its an easy naked eye object.
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