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  1. Thats great news 413 miles?? It can't be that big a trip???? Brian
  2. You can still use the link provided by RichieJarvis http://www.linuxastro.org/irc/ This is a java IRC client, if you wish to use another client we can be found on irc.freenode.com at #astroirc hope to see some familiar faces there
  3. This is more just out of curiosity than anything else - can't afford any just now but... I have a Celestron 80 GTL - How much of a difference would I get using expensive eyepieces instead of the stock ones? Is there much difference that would be noticable in a small scope such as mine? Are the stock ones going to give me as much as I'm going to get from the scope? Brian
  4. All I can say is what a great book - i'm a real beginner but it has been so educational for me
  5. I'm a beginner that has experienced this - although a smuge is still rather amazing when you do the maths, so whats the top 10 observations for wow factor?
  6. Lets see when I go out I wear normal underwear ;-) - not much Thermal longjohn + thermal vest - £15 new from ebay Mountaineering socks from millets - 2 pairs for £16 Pair of lined trousers from millets - around £35 a cheap fleece - primark - about £5 Have a tresspass 3 in 1 jacket - about £60 from tresspass shop (Usually just the outer or i get too warm!!!!) Cheap pair of walking boots - about £30 I use those hand warmers - charcoal disposable - if i need to - about £3 per set from ebay A flask of boiling water - Pack of 3 Nescafe Instant Cappaccino in the paper cup things. Thats about me done up to about -5 however not had much wind usually observe in a sheltered spot
  7. Over here in the UK the prisons are overcrowded - could we not use the same idea to put someone in the system and fire them out into space - fire them in the direction of a black hole and there will be no escapes
  8. Or as a friend pointed out Celestron NexStar 80 GT/L with SkyAlign handset. Complete as originally supplied by Celestron. 6 months guarantee. £99.00
  9. What if you put a big fan on the end??? I'm just messing before I get flamed
  10. Hi all, I'm looking for a basic scope to try my hand at astrophotography I saw this http://www.bristolcameras.co.uk/p-konus-motor-70-telescope.htm Would it be up to the job? Its on an EQ mount and is motorised for tracking. I get married in April so my budget is tiny - and I can't wait any longer for a scope. Will this do till I eventually get enough saved for a better scope? Brian
  11. no point growing balls - they'd be ripped clean off - she wants all money spent on our wedding in april - £1000 for a dress and i can't even get a couple of hunded for a scope
  12. I could maybestretchto £250 if I wait another month and hide thereceiptfrom the g/f. Just don't want to keep putting it back and back to get more saved up if i'm going to miss most of the winter viewing and only have an hour or two in the summer.
  13. I work with computers for a living and have a keeninterestin them so the thought of adding the 2 hobbies together is a big plus, hence why i'm looking for a goto scope. I can then interface this with a computer. As this is done with serial and cctv with coax i'm not too limited on cable runs unlike usb.
  14. It's mostly the planets, and possibly the odd nebula i'd like to see and hopefully get a picture of.
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