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  1. Whilst you do not need accurate tracking for visual observing, the more accurately you can polar align the more accurate GOTO becomes. Point your mount north with a compass and set the latitude, and that should bring polaris into the polarscope - it is the only bright star in that view. I do go to the trouble of aligning my mount accurately with the NCP using the circular slide rule provided, as well as the GOTO improvement I also enjoy the academic exercise.
  2. Sagittarius is between about 20 and 40 deg south - so at London´s latitude of 51.5 N you can´t quite see all of it. I am at 37 N and get a much better view.
  3. Isn´t UTC to all extents and purposes the same as GMT??
  4. As far as I am aware it is impossible to balance the mount unless the RA and Dec axes are unlocked!! And mine had so much glop in it with the axes unlocked they were still too immovable to be balanced. And are you saying lithium grease is not load bearing? Then I can´t imagine why manufacturers put the stuff in the very heavily loaded wheel bearings of our cars.
  5. I use a prism diagonal on my scope so that is CI as well !!
  6. Are you sure your power supply is good? Dodgy supplies are a major source of problems with GOTO mounts.
  7. On my EQ5 I find that Polaris itself is sufficiently bright to enable me to see the markings on the reticle.
  8. Lovely scope, and the eyepieces and Barlow look like they might be reasonable - shame it just comes tacked to a couple of bits of chipboard. Especially as you seem to want to use it for AP.
  9. Mobil Synthetic 1 - which is a lithium grease.
  10. I replaced the Chinese glop in my EQ5 as well. The stuff they put in them is so incredibly viscous that it prevents you balancing the mount properly - with my SV102ED in the saddle I could place a balance weight anywhere on the shaft and the RA axis wouldn´t move. If it prevents the mount from performing its design function it obviously can´t be the right stuff. A whole lot better now - I can balance the mount properly and so markedly reduce bearing loads. And I can easily turn the worm shafts with my finger tips.
  11. Not all supermarket scopes are junk. My first scope was LIDL´s 70mm f10 Bresser, sold with an Astro3 EQ mount for €79 !! I cleared out the Chinese adhesive from the mount (who do all Chinese mounts come with that glop?) and replaced it with decent lithium grease, then bought a couple of GSO Plossls and it became a very useful scope. I sold it to a young boy who wanted to start in astronomy, so it went in a good cause, but have regretted parting with it ever since.
  12. Totally agree with your sentiments, spec-chum. In fact I generally use a 90 or 45 degree prism on my refractors - so they give me a correct image as well.
  13. At 37 degrees North I have to grovel 15 degrees LESS than all you Londoners !!!
  14. Preferred alternative to all the above?? Just come and move here !!!
  15. Sorry, belay my last, now I have read the whole thread, LOL!!!
  16. You sure about that? When I had a 4SE I could select a couple of Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona - both hundreds of miles from me so I inputted my known co-ordinates.
  17. I think you mean to say that your gear takes a current of 8-9 A. So a 7 A-hr battery will last for less than 1 hour. Fair enough comment. My Maplin has a capacity of 17A-hr so serves my purposes a lot longer.
  18. Agree GSO is good - and I got my 32mm GSO plossl direct from the US for an excellent price.
  19. I don´t see why not - do imaging setups have a massive battery drain? I also run a 12V hairdryer from my Maplins jumpstart for demisting - intermittently, but the current taken is very high - it takes it all in its stride and keeps on powering my mount fine. As has been said, these things are brilliant value for money.
  20. I keep reading that, but one of the best pics I have ever seen of Jupiter (posted last week) was done by a 200P on an EQ5. I don´t do AP, but I have to carry my EQ5 up a spiral staircase and find it is WAY heavy enough.
  21. My polarscope just screws into my EQ5 (clone of CG5) mount - as you say there is a piece that screws out (looks like it may take a smaller polarscope) and my polarscope screws into its place.
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