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  1. I just sold my 4SE - didn´t like the unfriendly software and the unforgivable omission by Celestron of not fitting a clock.
  2. Or just visit Your Sky and print out a skymap for your coordinates at a time of your choice. Print black on white or you will use a whole load of black ink.
  3. But money spent on upgrading eyepieces is never wasted. I spent a few bucks on some GSO eyepieces that I got from OWL - an American company - that I still have. When you sell a scope and get a better one you keep the extra eyepieces you have bought.
  4. My scopes live in a shed on my roof - no problems, but they need a cover to keep off duct and bugs.
  5. I have ordered the iOptron GOTO for my EQ5. When it arrives I will be selling the DEC and RA motor drives.
  6. I have a GSO prism diagonal (as well as a Stellarvue star diagonal) - I use it on objects like the moon where I find it easier to compare features with my charts in correct image view - but maybe that is just me !! Certainly don´t notice any loss of brightness or additional false colour.
  7. Not surprising as the Panoptic is about three times the price of the Hyperion. We all know you get what you pay for, but as a (so far) visual observer I find the Hyperions are good value, easy to use and very versatile with the optional fine tuning rings.
  8. The Baader Hyperions use a modular system. I have a 13mm Hyperion, with the two finetuning rings. Using the rings in different combinations I can alter the focal length to 10.8, 9.2 and 8.1 mm. So with very few lenses you can cover a wide range of focal lengths.
  9. A good big ´un will always beat a good little ´un!
  10. That is exactly my mount setup. It tracks nice enough for visual use - I have ordered a iOptron GOTO system for it, so will soon have the RA and DEC motor drives to sell.
  11. Take them - you will be able to see well into the southern hemisphere. Tourists are all festooned with cameras, binos and long lenses anyway. The Egyptians are very protective of their tourists, it is way their biggest industry, the tourist police will look after you, as always.
  12. Let´s hope so - haven´t had a real bright comet since Hale-Bopp in 97 or 98.
  13. My first scope was the 70mm Bresser that Lidl was selling a few years back. The 4mm Kellner that came with it was the utter pits. But I was impressed with the scope overall, it performed well with some GSO eyepieces I invested in, and was astonishing value for money. I eventually traded it for some building work - the builder´s young son was interested in astronomy, so it went in a good cause, but I have regretted letting it go ever since.
  14. I hear what you say about the laser collimator - the one I am ordering can be checked and recollimated if need be. Yes, I like the GSO, quality of things like the focuser are very good, the tube is steel not ally, it has a fan as standard. I have ordered mine from Teleskop-Service in Germany - they have good prices and their delivery charges to mainland Europe can´t be matched by any UK retailer.
  15. I am adding GOTO to my EQ5 - I have ordered the iOptron NOVA system. Then I will have DEC and RA motors to sell.
  16. If you can find one - First Light are fresh out.
  17. If I ever actually get my Telrad that is - First Light are right out.
  18. I think I would prefer the sticky tape for a more aesthetic appearance.
  19. I am interested to read this - I have just ordered a GSO 8" to complement my Stellarvue 102ED. I have also ordered a laser collimator. I saw one being used on You tube - looked like the way to go to me.
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