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  1. I tried last night before the clouds rolled in, xbox on my 70mm, i couldnt get focus. I was just checking out the forum for answers when i saw your post.
  2. Hi, all up but not running, just white noise, can you post, explain the use off DL4YHF? its lost me! An idiots guide to setting up would be better if you have the time.
  3. I dont use it as a finder but i have read that its possable, i have goto but as im new to this i use skeye to let me know what im looking in the sky, star names ect.
  4. My caravan as a 18w panel that charges the battery during the day, it only requires light to charge, not sun, so it should be possable but you might require a larger solar panel.
  5. http://www.celestron.com/c3/support3/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=771&nav=0,7 HCupdate as been replaced with CFM,
  6. Forgot to say i didnt have to cut and glue the bolts in place, after removihg the mirror the bolt holes were countersunk, so i used bolts with a countersunk head. I got the springs from the same place as yhe tutorial, i think it cost about £15 to do.
  7. This what i followed, i took the bolts down to the local b&q to find the correct size, i found 25mm was the right length. I ordered the springs from the net.
  8. I changed the bolts and replaced the rubber washers with springs on my skywatcher 130p but that was for a dslr, if your nearly in focus ajust the bolts you already have too their limit, there might just be enough to pull it in.
  9. http://www.hamuniverse.com/jpole.html Im making my own j-pole, 144mhz , im using the above site for the correct size.
  10. Forgot to mention ive been out and bought a guitar....
  11. 1 hour, new scope bought in december, had one clear night till it clouded over, next night got the scope out and the RA motor had packed up, got it back yesturday just as the clouds rolled in.....
  12. My ra and dec were out by 4 and 9 degrees, i only found this out by having to strip it down to try and cure the movement you have. I took the circle apart and placed 3 bits off tape between the 2 circles, you then need to point at a star you know and set the circle before tightning them up. After i had done this finding thing was a lot better, not great but better. Find something near what you are looking for, set the circle to this object, then use the circle to move the last bit to your object.
  13. Have a look at polar alignment by calan roupe on youtube, i use this method to set my scope up during the day ready for evening.
  14. Im new to this as well but it does look like the scope is 180 deg out, if thats the cover on your mount for the polescope then the telescope should be pointing in that direction at start up. Hope this helps
  15. Just recieved a phone call from RVO, new motorboard fitted and ready for pickup, 13 days, fantastic service.
  16. I got one from ebay, i read somewhere you need between 3 and 5 amp depending on the weight of your scope and extras, i got a 3.5amp and it did the job, you just have to use a bit off tape on the plug to make sure it stays put in the mount.
  17. Thank for your help everything seems ok on the pc side now, didnt expect the bits to be here yet, less than a week from HK. havent started on the j-pole yet and im away tomorrow for 5 days. Thanks again...
  18. String thing round my neck as well. Dont want to be putting them down in the dark and breaking them.
  19. A few hundred metres is to close, you need to find something as far away as you can, i have a150p and use a shed in a field about 1 mile away.
  20. Thanks I didnt know that, i take it turning off and starting again will clear this? I dropped the mount off at RVO yesterday so fingers crossed for a fast recovery.
  21. I did mine, you will need some 30mm bolts i got focus at about 19mm, do search for the mod on here, i got my bolts from b&q and springs from the same place as the ones in the instructions, cost me less than £20 to do it and it made collimating a lot quicker
  22. As someone once said "I dont blumming believe it" I bought the mount at christmas and have only used it once, Rubbish weather. Clearish skies last night so i set and after about an hour the RA motor stopped working. I phoned RVO this morning and they asked me to send them an email about the problem. I will keep you informed about my progress.
  23. I gave up trying and downloaded 4002 to 4019, i then ran a few photos from my 40d and found it was solving using the 4004 index so i backed up all the index so i have them safe then deleted them apart from 4003, 4004 and 4005. It takes between 20 to 30s to solve on my old laptop.
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