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  1. Hi Ed, I think I'm coming to the same conclusion as you that there is nothing to lose! I will probably tell them that I will take it for scrap and then have a go anyway, that way they won't be dissapointed. The link you sent was useful and gave me a few more views of what the C70 might be like. It's low end and so can't be that much to go wrong unless something was broken or it was dropped. Thanks for your help, much appreciated Danny
  2. Hi Ed Thanks for the reply, the truth is I don't really know what the problem is! I was just trying to get some information as to whether it was worth volunteering to try and fix the scope or tell them it's scrap. When I took my ETX125 apart, there was plenty of information on the web as to how to dissassemble the scope and mount. I tried some searches but could not find anything similar for the C70 so I was hoping to get some pointers from someone like yourself who has been forced down the route of repair. Cheers Danny
  3. Hi Harry Where did you get the data for comet Hartley? Thanks Danny
  4. If anyone out there has attempted to take one apart, any advice would be welcome! Cheers Danny
  5. Hi Guys My Son's Scout group have a Celestron C70 Mak that they use for daylight stuff like bird watching and (sometimes) for the astronomy badge. Apparently it's "broken" and they want me to fix it. Can anyone point me to instructions on how to disassemble one? I just want to know if I have a chance of fixing it. Thanks Danny
  6. Thanks Helen, Brian - I think there are some good options and I need to experiment. Danny
  7. Ken - I sent you a PM Thanks to both you and Bill for the quick advice Danny
  8. H all Just working on a PST set up and the best way to connect a webcam, DSLR or a CCD. It will be a shared resource in our Astro Society so we need to cover as many cameras as possible. Anyone out there with a PST that can share their experiences and what they have used? Thanks Danny
  9. Love the bracket ! Made something similar out of old curtain brackets Cheers Danny
  10. Outstanding Let me know the name of the supplier just in case! Thanks Danny
  11. Just thought it worth checking that you have set up your home location in the handset?
  12. Hi Roy I think Kevin's suggestion of calling Ian K is a good one or even try WO direct. You might be able to find a replacement bearing from the model shops (like the RC cars and helicopters). I would think WO use a standard commodity part and not a custom bearing so you might be able to find it. Post the internal and external dimensions of the bearing and I'll look in my scrap box. I keep all sorts of junk and I might be able to extract one from an old DC motor or something. Don't try and use it without a replacement, it will not travel properly. But while you have it apart I would recommend
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