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  1. Wow nice one mate... lookes really good.
  2. I buy S@N every month, i still like the other contenders but S@N just has more interesting info in it, plus i love "the universe according to sir PM"
  3. My witches broom. The right side of the image is new data but not as much as the left side hence the weirdness Taken with my D60 unmodded and unguided. Dave.
  4. This is my first wide field.. just thought i would give it a go It was only 10X30s at ISO 800 on my D60 with no darks flats or anything. The camera was pointed at Cygnus. Dave.
  5. Ahh hell, just looked at sat24 and its showing a band of clouds coming over us later on but if all goes pete tong we can all av a bevy in the pub
  6. Haha... i am bringin 8 pints of crokerton classic (proper real ale) pringles, biccies and other bitz
  7. Hey Steph! Yeah its one in the same lol.. i just messed it up a bit by having the camera the wrong way round (DOH!) lol!
  8. Ohh how will i do that then.. cuz if i stack em usin dss it looks all weird and have boarder lines through the image?
  9. Incredible mate! i knew it was gonna be a stunner
  10. I cant wait for this one.. is it just for one night or are some people stayin? I'll bring my 250px methinkies and try and get some more veil neb!! Oh btw what time are people gettin there for? Dave. P.s Charlii will bring biccies and booze
  11. Wow looking great so far mate.. If i rotate the cam 90 deg will i still be able to use the data i have already?
  12. Hehe thanks Peter I cant wait to see what yours will look like! My mount is tracking a dream! but i think i had it a little out of focus but i will do it again tomorrow (weather permitting) to get lots more data!
  13. The moon was out in full force tonight but i didnt let it get to me lol.. This is my attempt and the veil nebula, It was unguided 17 X 3min subs (51mins) with darks and flats, on my signature setup. Hope you like it!
  14. Ahh sound, cheers mate, I tryed out your zoom EP last night and was blumming brill!! i think i'll prob go for the meade 4000 zoom as i saw one yesterday and looked pretty damn amazing, aarrgh but the Hyperion looked good aswell! i am so confused:icon_scratch:
  15. The moon was big and wonderful last night so i got the scope out and my new EPs.. i first put in my 27mm flat-field and was incredible.. i have never seen the moon so clearly in my life, so then i put in the 6.3mm highlight and OMG:eek: it was like i was on a spacecraft looking out of the window.. Mons Apennine looked incredible and was crystal clear. Jupiter looked amazing too, could see the banding and all 4 moons with Lo and Europa close together just next to the planet, wonderful viewing but rubbish for deep sky lol.
  16. Was using my new EPs that i bought off Stefan, i used the 6.3mm and pointed at Mirach, i never knew it was a double star until i saw its little blue companion! its even more beautiful than Alberio
  17. Lol i am really not the one to ask about processing, I have no idea myself I just have a fiddle and think.. hmm that looks better than before and leave it.. plus i try and do as little as i can to keep the image natural. Yeah my D60 rocks would only change for a camera with live view but apart from that i love it! Mate gotta meet for a beer somewhen! also would love to av a look through your new 12" lightbridge:headbang: awsome scope!
  18. Good advice TJ, I will av a look at SGL5 and see what my options are i'm quite happy doin what i am doin at the mo so no worries
  19. Ooooo... how much would a DSI-C guide cam cost me then? I googled it but couldn't find anything apart from astrophotos lol. Rich it sucks that you didn't have your charger but at least now all you have to get is an OAG and you are sorted! Haha i have no idea with the alignment mate.. just get it level and look on polar finder and get polaris (where it shows) on the circle in your polarscope.. i then try a few 5 min exposures and if i get trailing i wait for about 10-15 mins.. look through the polarscope again and usually find that polaris has moved from the circle, move the scope until you have it back on and that usually works for me
  20. Wow.. its incredible to think how big they are!! Charlii has re-classified them now as "big trees" Now we think that the sun is big.. when you compaire it to some others like betelgeuse & VY Canis Majoris, take a look here.. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fe/Sun_and_VY_Canis_Majoris.svg Awsome stuff!!
  21. Great image mate.. like looking out of a space ship window lol!
  22. Charlii has to look after her little brother and sis so it will just be me goin this time..
  23. WHOA!! cool! only if i had a big enough garden
  24. I see what you mean.. maybe when i am a little better off in the bank dept i'll get myself a differant setup.. I'll keep the 250px but will swap the mount for a HEQ6 pro and an off-axis guider with a cheapo ccd lol
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