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  1. I've got the older version - the NLV 9mm. Has anyone who has tried both SLV and NLV say whether there are any differences betweent the older and newer models? I notice that the SLVs are now made in China rather than Japan.
  2. Got a pair this morning. But I don't see how you guys managed to try before buying. The ones I saw were sealed and opening them before buying would have attracted a bit of suspicion from the staff! The pair I got were OK (the collimation is not quite perfect but no catseye/double image) . The lens caps are useless though - keep falling off. Image quality is surprisingly good. I'm toying with getting a second pair as a present, maybe I'll be braver and brazenly cut open the box this time.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I have decided to go ahead with the 22mm LVW if for no other reason but to enjoy that 65 degree FOV (especially as I'd not be paying much more than what the equivalent Baader Hyperion eyepiece would cost over here). And even if it doesn't really improve things massively on my 127 mak, I've always got the Heritage 130p to enjoy it with. In terms of the balance issues, would it not just be a case of positioning the telescope slightly further forward on the dovetail mount? I suppose the problem might be that it will knock the (already pretty inaccurate in my experience) goto out of line when I try and use both the LVW and lighter eyepieces in the same session?
  4. Hi all I'm about to pull the trigger on a 22mm LVW eyepiece for my 127 mak. Because I'm getting it from a friend in Japan, I'll be able to get it half price Nevertheless, I'm relatively inexperienced and I've never had a 'posh' eyepiece like this before and I've heard that I won't really see much difference over cheaper eyepieces in a slow scope like mine (F11.8). Is this true? Should I just get something cheaper like the 30mm NPL instead? Obviously I will benefit from the wider FOV but will the image be no better?
  5. I think we've barely had 13 hours of clear weather this year so far, never mind 13 nights!
  6. It's laziness mostly for me too. But, I do have a pretty good excuse. For me, unless it's just seeing Jupiter from the car park near my flat, going out involves a 2 hour round trip and dragging my scope onto 4 buses to get to Greenwich (where the LP is still pretty awful). So unless the weather is looking perfect, I don't want to risk spending all that time and energy just for the clouds to roll in when I arrive there. I reckon if I lived outside London and had a decent garden, I'd probably be out most clear nights.
  7. It certainly wasn't. I really love the scope itself but I found the fact that the prospect of getting on the tube and buses for over an hour each way and then having to crawl on the ground to see anything really put me off going out, even on crystal clear nights, unless I was really in the mood for it. I looked for a suitably portable but stable stool but couldn't find anything. However, the thing does come with a dovetail so can be attached to most other astro mounts/tripods. Now I have my 127SLT, the mount works for the 130p as well. But for the OP, with their £100 budget, I'm assuming there'd be no budget for a tripod hefty enough to hold this scope.
  8. If the Heritage 100p is anything like the 130p, it's a pretty good scope. Alternatively, there's always the Heritage 130p itself which I'm sure you could get second hand for under £100. Probably the most aperture for the price you're going to get. But with both those scopes, remember that the table top thing means it's much harder to take out into the field at a dark site. I found putting it on often muddy ground and grovelling around on freezing grass was not much fun so I got another scope with a proper tripod and mount. If you've got a decent garden with a solid table to put it on then definitely go for the Heritage though.
  9. Wow. That is an amazing image of Jupiter for a windy and light polluted London night. I was split on whether getting one of the really cheap webcams was worth it or whether to go for the far more expensive SPC900 model everyone recommends. You've convinced me its worth a try on the Xbox cam! As my name suggests, I'm also based in London (alas without a proper back garden - although I do have a view of about a third of the sky from the carpark at the back of my block of flats). I also have the Celestron 127 SLT which is pretty much the same setup as yours. It's great as a London scope - probably the best truly 'tube portable' scope out there I reckon. Welcome to the forums, although I am somewhat of a newcomer myself.
  10. You are indeed correct. It is Monday not Thursday. The magazine was dated Thursday but the binos will be available from Monday. I'm a bit split about getting them. On the one hand, they're likely to be awful for astronomy (aside for maybe looking at the moon) but on the other hand they are £8! I'll maybe wait until Lidl go back to doing the 10x50s and 8x60s that people were so complementary about.
  11. Hi all Thought I'd flag that Lidl are going to be selling Bresser binos for £8 from Thursday. Unfortunately, unlike on previous occasions when they've sold (quite critically acclaimed for the price) 10x50s porros, this time the offering is 12x32 roof prism. http://www.lidl.co.uk/cps/rde/SID-9E3247A1-920DFCA7/www_lidl_uk/hs.xsl/our-offers-2491.htm?id=223&ar=1 What do people think? Will the miserly aperture on these mean that they'll be totally useless for astronomy or worth a punt? I'm a little annoyed as I missed all the previous chances to get Lidl binos and was waiting for it to come round again. Alex
  12. I'm getting conflicting messages on weather for the weekend. BBC seems to think it'll be clear but the Meteocheck is predicting clear sunny days but cloudy nights! Unfortunately Astro Panel is down for what is usually my deciding vote.
  13. Good to see I'm not the only one. Have been really dependent on the app lately to see when I can squeeze a viewing of M82 supernova in through the clouds.
  14. Not getting off my backside last night after that awful storm and checking the weather until it was too late (I would have seen that it had cleared up). That silly decision may mean I'll never get to see the M82 supernova (although the LP in London means I probably wouldn't have seen it anyway). Missing the Venus transit gets on my nerves as I'll now never get to see it. I'm proud to have clocked two total solar eclipses though. I'm looking to make it a hat trick in 2017.
  15. As a fellow London person, I'll cast another vote for going to the Widescreen Centre rather than Currys. They really do know their stuff. FLO are also very good if you're willing to buy online. Having said this I would actually advise not buying anything and instead going to the excellent (and free!) monthly Baker Street Irregular Astronomers meeting in Regents Park. http://bakerstreetastro.org.uk/ You'll get to try lots if scopes for free and get a feel for what you can expect. The event is run by the Widescreen people so you can ask their advice while you're there.
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