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  1. Thanks chaps, I think I'll steer clear of the in-phone stuff in future then and go with the delicate touch of photoshop on my PC.
  2. Ok, here's an alternative version, with processing down in-phone. Can't decide if the noise/details is a good pay off or not? What do you think?
  3. iPhone hand held. EP 10mm Vixen NPL. Slight post-process in Photoshop
  4. bigrbuk


  5. Managed to get a pic of Jupiter last night, taken afocally and hand held to my 130P. Might not be amazing but I'm please I could at least make out the banding using this method - I could see it quite a bit clearer with my own eyes.
  6. Re Resources - there are no essentials you HAVE to buy, but if you went with the 130P an upgrade to the stock 10mm EP would be high on my list of priorities, right behind a good book such as Turn Left At Orion as mentioned previously. I've fashioned my own red light torch from a simple wind up torch and some red plastic, I've built my own dew shield/shroud from a piece of neoprene and roll of magnetic tape, etc, but neither are essential.
  7. The Heritage 130P gets a big thumbs up for portability and aperture too at the required price point. You can then spend the £100 on resources, EP's, red light torch and a bag to put em in PS I'm no expert, the 130P is my first scope, but does me well in a light polluted back garden.
  8. I have a chart printed off ready to try and spot it in my next available window, which according to the met office, is tonight! Fingers crossed my Heritage 130P and EP's are up to the job
  9. Any recommendations? I have a decent camera (olympus XZ-1 - nice bright lens), but it's not an SLR so it's afocal for me. I could actually attach an adaptor and step down rings but that seems like a long way round to get the same effect as an adaptor, and wouldn't I then need EP's with a screw mount where the rubber eyecup sits? I appreciate this setup will only get me so far, but I like to play
  10. I pic a few items out from Turn Left at Orion, have a look on Stellarium to get an idea where it will be and whether I'll be able to see it from my location (knowing in which directions I can get a good view of the sky), double check with SkyView or Night Sky on my phone then aim in direction using Red Dot Finder on scope and follow the star hopping guide in TLAO.
  11. Another vote for the 130P. The fact you can collapse it down makes it very portable (slightly heavy for a small child perhaps) and therefore more likely to get used! I'm still loving mine.
  12. My mistake, I was looking at the Canadian site - doh!
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