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  1. Hiya gazers, just need help here on which zoom lense I should go with for my old Canon eos 30D.my budget is $200 and I was looking on two zoom lense... 1. Canon EF-S 55-250mm IS II http://www.amazon.com/Canon-55-250mm-4-0-5-6-Telephoto-Digital/dp/B0011NVMO8 2. Sigma APO 70-300mm http://www.amazon.com/Sigma-70-300mm-4-5-6-Telephoto-Cameras/dp/B000ALLMI8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1345831608&sr=8-1&keywords=sigma+70-300 Both are of same price range but for now I'm leaning towards the Canon 55-250. I'm planning to piggy back my 30D on my nexstar 6se and image the moon and some dso . Thanks for the help!
  2. Oh so a focal reducer is like a reverse barlow? I'm guessing this will reduce the magnification as well. Will it be good for visual as well since i've read that the focal reducer was primarily made for imaging, is this true?
  3. I believe the Nexstar 6se has a 2" rear cell opening where the visual back goes in, I am considering getting the 2" diagonal for sct.
  4. I checked it out it looks like they're back ordered from optcorp.com. I recently purchased 14mm ES 82° and a 20mm ES 68° from them, I'm just thinking the 24mm is too close to the 20mm that I have that's why I'm thinking much lower power.
  5. Hmm I haven't come across that one, I probably should check it out. .Thank you!
  6. I'm glad i asked before I ordered, I don't want to spend $200+ on something that is not compatible to my equipment. i'm sure the eyepiece is a very good one but thank goodness the reduction in FOV and vignetting were pointed out those are huge factors. Thank you! But I still would like to add a very good low power eyepiece to my set, I personally like using low power since I can see more around the area but also whenever my club do a public star party once a month I like using low power because it's much easier for the people to look through my telescope. I end up borrowing my fellow members 32mm plossl. I guess my only choice is a 24-mm-25mm 1.25" eyepiece? I was hoping to get much lower....like in the 30s since I already have a 20mm.
  7. I've been looking to add a low power for my set and I came across these two eyepiece Baader Hyperion Aspheric 31mm and 36mm, since they have 1.25" adapter I can use both on my 6se. I just need help deciding which one would be better for my telescope the 31mm or 36mm? Unfortunately there's not a lot of choice out there that has 1.25" barrel unless I go plossl, i just like the 72° on the Aspheric series.Thanks!
  8. Help! I've been researching for a bahtinov mask for my nexstar 6se for the past hour but I can't seem to find that indicate it'll fit my telescope. i'm not sure which one will fit, please check 1. http://www.optcorp.com/product.aspx?pid=15015&kw=Bahtinov&st=2 or 2. http://www.optcorp.com/product.aspx?pid=15012&kw=Bahtinov&st=2 Or neither? Suggestion would help thank you!
  9. Quick question regarding this topic, how does the assembly works for the focal reducer using dslr? Is it Focal reducer > Visual Back > T-adapter >T-Ring > DSLR? And since I have a Zoom eyepiece can it be Focal reducer > Visual Back > Zoom Eyepiece >T-Ring > DSLR? ....ok i'll push it, does it also work for Barlow? Focal reducer > Visual Back > Barlow (5x) >T-adapter > T-Ring > DSLR? Thanks!
  10. Thanks, yes i got the low and high the other way around
  11. Ok initially I considered getting the Delos but since a lot of recommendation on ES was made I decided to fork $100++ and tried out the 14mm I got it yesterday and tested it out for a bit and I am blown away considering the light pollution and the weather last night it gave me a very nice clear view of Albireo, tried it on the moon as well and it was just awesome, the 15mm eye relief is just right for me. I'm glad I got it. Wow two thmbs up! Now here's my conondrum, I would still like to get a low power ep and get a higher power ep. Since i've decided to get a 2" diagonal for my 6se my question is how low low power can I go (6mm or 8mm?) and how high a high power eyepiece (32 or 40mm?) I should go with my scope? Appreciate it!
  12. Hail SGLers Just want to share with you guys podcast that I listen and enjoy listening to, very knowledgeable. I love listening to thes kind of podcast because it keeps the day going really fast, I work in the office so there's plenty of time where I would feel sleepy but ever since I started listening to podcast it the pace really fast. So here are some of them I listen to... ASTRONOMY CAST http://www.astronomycast.com/ This is my all time favorite podcast, I learned a lot about astronomy from this podcast. This is hosted by Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain who both dedicate a lot of their time to reach out to people and spread the knowledge of Astronomy. they are very professional but at the same time very funny. They have about 265 episode at the moment and even at their busiest time they try to podcast. They have started a live youtube Astronomy Cast recently where you can join in and ask questions live. They also started a "Space Hangout" and "Virtual Star Party" on google hangout which you can watch some of their episode here http://www.youtube.com/user/universetoday http://www.youtube.com/user/astrospherevids I recommend them HIGHLY!! great group of people. They also have a project going called Cosmoquest http://cosmoquest.org/ SKEPTICS GUIDE TO THE UNIVERSE http://www.theskepticsguide.org/ If you're a skeptic this is one podcast you shouldn't pass on, try out one or two episodes and you will understand what I'm saying. And if you're not a complete skeptic like I am for example, keep an open mind and you will understand why they say what they say and discuss on the podcast. They have a very lively crew and like Astronomy Cast they've been doing this for many years now and they are just growing on popularity. Like i said before I was a bit "skeptic" about skeptics but since I listened to this podcast I realize that there is nothing wrong to have an open mind to things. The show doesn't only cover Astronomy but also covers Science in general. STAR TALK RADIO http://www.startalkradio.net/ I love this podcast/radio show hosted by the famous Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson, i first listened to this show even before it was put on itunes. its a mix of Astronomy and Science in general. A very entertaining show where Dr Tyson will have "high profile" guest like actor Morgan Freeman and Whoopie Goldberg, astronaut Mike Messimino, Astronomers like Michio Kaku and Phil Plait and star trek star Nichelle Nichols among others. BIG PICTURE SCIENCE http://radio.seti.org/pages Hosted by the SETI radio crew lead by Dr Seth Shostack, this podcast/radio show is a mix of Astronomy, Science in general and skepticism. Very well produced and they also have good guest that are always in line with the topic. the entertainment value of it is as high as the other podcast mentioned and very knowledgeable as well. 365 DAYS OF ASTRONOMY http://365daysofastronomy.org/ I like listening to this podcast, it is made for people like you and me who can share their own idea and personal feelings about Astronomy. I believe it was created in 2009 during the International Year of Astronomy where the goal is for the public to submit their own recording with a little monetary contribution you will be able to submit your own podcast for everyone to listen, it was only planned to be a one year project but because of its popularity it lasted for about 3 years until now, although it has slowed down it was amazing how people around the world has contributed to help the awareness of Astronomy. Other podcast I listen to from time to time are.. JODCAST http://www.jodcast.net/ ADLER NIGHT AND DAY http://www.adlerplanetarium.org/investigate/podcasts/nightandday/ PLANETARY SOCIETY PODCAST http://www.planetary.org/multimedia/podcasts/ So those are some of my favorite podcast I listen to I hope you will take time and try them out I'm sure you will enjoy them and if you have your own favorite, please post it here so i can try them out. Believe me these I listen to are sometime not enough
  13. Quick replies, intellectual, knowledgeable and friendly people in here, i like it! So far so good SGL, thank you and keep up the good job,
  14. haha that's why I liked this forum from the beginning, quick response and intellectual. Anyway, now I understand thank you for the response.. again the reason why i asked because I was asking is it was mentioned on my post where I was asking about eyepiece. Thanks guys!
  15. Hail SGLers Ok for the past few weeks now I've been on the forum I've been reading fast scope and slow scope being mentioned. Someone mention to one of my post that my 6se which is f/10 is a slow scope?... anyway honestly I am a bit confuse so please explain What makes a fast scope and what makes a slow scope? Why does one need to know if your scope is slow or fast? Is it all about how long the light travels on your telescope? Thanks!
  16. I was wondering if this is a good one (Celestron 2" xlt diagonal) http://www.amazon.com/Celestron-2-Inch-XLT-Diagonal-Telescope/dp/B000F8SZIG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1343937858&sr=8-1&keywords=celestron+xlt I'm thinking since I'm using a celestron telescope might as well get one that engineered my scope.... has anyone tried this diagonal?
  17. Thanks, on the 1.25" i was actually talking about the diagonal that came with the scope, sorry Anyway, are all 2" diagonal universal? Would any 2" diagonal fit on my sct and what's a good brand....my budget for this wold be no more than $150.
  18. Good day all, I was just wondering if it adviceable or does it make sense to change the diagonal on my nexstar 6se to 2"? Just in case I decide to use 2" eyepiece in the future. With the type of scope I have which i believe is f/10 sct would there be an advantage besides being able to use 2" eyepieces or it wouldn't matter? Should I just replace my current 1.25" that came with the telescope with a better quality? And if 2" does work for me what are good ones out there that has a 1.25" adapter. Thanks and Clear skies!
  19. Thak you for providing those information, although I do understand those description I am still a noob in terms of visualizing the true field of view but anyway, is the 10mm with that 0.48° enough to jump from one object to another having the next object in the field of view? or the 17.3 with .8° the way to go?
  20. I'm really not in a rush and since this is my only upgrade for this time i just want to get an eyepiece i can use a lot, so if i do decide to get the 17.3mm I can wait. I do see stores only have them for pre-order and they're not shipping until next month and some are not until October. On the other hand if I decide to get the 10mm at least that is available right away. I was able to try the zoom eyepiece, there was a co-club member of mine that had it the other day and I tried them out, it was a 8-24 celestron and the 8-24 hyperion. The hyperion is far superior...no wonder its more expensive I did like the zoom feature and the ease of not switching eyepiece all the time but I'm a but uncomfortable using it. I am leaning towards the 10mm and 17.3mm at this time, the other selling point for me on for Delos is that it has an option to attach a Dioptrx, I don't think the XW has the option and since the price is not much different I think i would rather go TV.
  21. First of all thanks for the great suggestion. When I bought my 6se it came with the 25mm celestron eyepiece then I purchased some cheap eyepiece from Orion a 12.5 and a 31 plossl. I do own a 3x televue Barlow. So this purchase I' doing is basically an upgrade, eye relief is very important for me that's why I going with the Delos since it have 2m eye relief and the option to attach dioptix to it is a plus for my astigmatism if i'm nit wearing my lenses.
  22. My dilemma is I can only get one eyepiece right now, I'm debating which one to buy. I'm piking between a 10mm, 12mm or the 17.3 of the Delos series. I have a Nexstar 6se f/10, which one would be a good choice for now?
  23. Am i able to use my 6se OTA on a different mount? I was hoping to buy a non-goto mount that I can use anytime manually instead of setting up the nexstar moun. I would actually want to try and learn an equetorial mount with no goto function. So can anyone suggest a good fit for my ota? Or is this one going to work http://www.telescope.com/Orion-EQ-1-Equatorial-Telescope-Mount/p/9011.uts?keyword=Equatorial%20mount Thanks and clear skies!
  24. I notice there has been a little bit of buildup of dust and some water mark on my schmidt cassegrain corrector plate. It's been over a year now since I have own the telescope but I am anxious on cleaning it. I haven't notice any problem when i'm observing, it doesn't seem to be affecting the performance, but i'm thinking would it affect imaging? If I should clean it, any advice on how to do it and what to use. Thanks! Clear Skies!
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