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  1. Thanks for your comments! Last night I tried again and made some pictures of m31 and m51. M31: (30x15sec + 100x8sec) M51: (60x20sec + 40x13sec + 100x16sec) Can anyone tell me why these images are only red and yellow? In Ps the blue channel had almost no data.
  2. Hi everyone, Last night I've made some of my first deepsky images with a modded ToUCam and my GSO 8" F5 Reflector. M81: (90x10sec) M82: (110x10sec) M57: (72x16sec) Recommendations and advice are welcome, Hans Schouten
  3. Thanks for your comments! I'm thinking about buying a 4x barlow lens so I could make some nice close-ups next time and also for planet imaging. Or will a 3x be better?
  4. My second try to make a moon mosaic This is a combination of 15 separate images of 500 frames. All images are taken with a ToUcam through my 8" GSO. I'm very pleased with the result: Comments and advice are welcome.. Hans Schouten
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