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  1. Thank you all for the helpful and detailed replies. Very useful information! I'll decide over the weekend (plus I need to check with my other half to see when she's in for a delivery). That does potentially mean that there will be clear skies in Kent this weekend, because it's pre-purchase, and then from next weekend on we'll see cloud in Kent if I make my purchase - ignore that, i'll put my trust in the cloudmakers to have a couple of months off.
  2. Hi all, I have an HEQ5 and I'm considering getting a ZWO Asiair. It isn't replacing anything, so it's either that, an alternate brands version or a guide camera + laptop (I've always been more of a desktop person). 2 main questions: Is it any good? What is ZWOs support like? My only experience with a Chinese vendor is with HikVision (the cctv people) and it's a bit hit and miss. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. The JPL Mission Paths one is awesome! Though it could do with an update with the rest of the New Horizons mission and updates for both the rest of the existing, and any new ones.
  4. I wonder how big the book of calculations is that was written in order to make that happen?
  5. At time of writing, it's 2 posts below this one.
  6. I'm not 100% sure but I believe ABS have a mechanism whereby you have to use the email address you registered with when you message someone, else it doesn't go anywhere.
  7. Took me a fair while, but I managed to find it..... http://wegatoptical.com/ Incidentally, i'm considering replacing it because I bought a used de-forked etx125 without proper researching into it and wasn't expecting the amount of mirror shift that occurs. However, "considering" is the key word. If I take off the existing rear cell, it includes removing the plastic bit that the rail is attached to - so as well as a $120 (it'll probably work out about £140 by the time i've done postage and tax) rear cell, i'd be looking at a set of rings - which would also need customising as I
  8. Hi all, A few years ago I remember seeing an american site selling a replacement rear cell for the Meade ETX 125. I can't seem to find it any more. It might be that it no longer exists, or it might just be that it's not high on the google search thing. I'm sure the original link came from someone on SGL, any ideas? Kind regards, Phil
  9. Most roads that have streetlights have either a 30mph limit or a 40 limit. At that speed, I wouldn't have thought full beam was necessary.
  10. My hook was an out of focus photo of the dumbbell Nebula using a 300mm lense. Until that point, I wasn't aware that the stuff in the sky that isn't visible to the naked eye could be captured using "home" devices. I thought that kind of thing was reserved for space agencies with multi million pound kit.
  11. Shame she didn't stick her arm out and say "this one" when talking about Betelgeuse, seeing as it was right beside her.
  12. Hi all, Would anyone know what spec screw I would need to attach a finder shoe to a Meade 5000 80mm APO? I think it's an M4 but i'm not certain and I don't know the length. I was hoping someone had a finder attached to theirs and could tell me? Kind regards, Phil
  13. Thanks for your replies, that's great. I'll have a read through the links and google West Sussex Council to see if they detail their lighting schemes. I don't think I will have any problems with direct views of streetlights, the new estate starts about 50m behind my garden but a neighbours garage separates where I set up my telescope and the new estate. I was mostly concerned about if there might be a massive increase in skyglow and was led to believe that the new street lights are better for that.
  14. Hi all, Every now and again I read something about new streetlights that keep the direction of the light on the places that need it and help reduce light pollution. Does anyone know of any councils that actually use them, or have any info the actual lights? Right behind where I live an estate is being built. I've been trying to find out who is responsible for the street lighting decisions. So far, the developer didn't bother replying (I expected that, as my email didn't say "I want to buy one of your houses"), the council told me that the developer is responsible for installing the lights,
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