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  1. Jez I have the exact same set up as you minus the motors at the moment. I too got the same replies you talk of in terms of 'get an NEQ6' etc even if I was just asking what was the best camera to buy. As such I have been trying to justify laying a grand out on a mount for a scope I only bought 9 months ago and I'm struggling. I will look with interest at your progress as I think I am of the mind to follow you and stick with my current set up. Did you fit the motors yourself? If so, how easy was it to do? Cheers Paul
  2. Thanks guys. Problem sorted. Now stacking away happily
  3. Ok, so I got crystal clear skies on Friday so took a series of 40 wide field shots of a random piece of sky +20 darks and 20 Bias. Tried to stack is deep sky stacker, which appeared to work apart from the final image was 'shrunk' to a thin band (2 inches wide) in the field on the screen. Why didin't it fill the window? If anyone can shed some light on my stupidity I'd be very grateful Paul
  4. Hi Tony Glad you enjoyed your first night observing, sounds like you packed a lot in. By the way (and I'm surprised no one else has mentioned it) but the 'sort of cloud' you saw on the sword of Orion was the Orion Nebula! hope you get more clear skies and keep the bug!
  5. I bought the 200p, having no interest in photography, just viewing and it is great for that. BUT.....I now want to explore the photography side more and as Rowan46 has pointed out the EQ5 is not enough lomg term. I wish I had waited a bit and saved for an HEQ5 or NEQ6 from the start, but you live and learn. My advice is to consider the long term carefully.
  6. No problem WarrenI am new to this too and even though I knew i wouldn't get 'hubble images' through my setup I have to admit I was slighty disappointed that I didn't get colour nebulae. Which is why TLAO is the book of choice as it will show you exactly how you will see objects in Binos, Small scopes and larger scopes. I've just bought the Canon 1100D but not had a good crack with it yet, but for future ref you will need a minimum HEQ5 mount (with a goto will be c.£800) the mount is all important as I have found out that my setup is right on the very limit with my tube and a camera. So get saving, but loads to enjoy with your 130 for starters, the great news is that all this kit really doesn't depreciate at all.
  7. The first piece of advice I'd give you is get out of that conservatory. Astronomy is an outdoor hobby, you will get escaping heat from the indoors rising right in front of your scope making any image blurry, not to mention if you are not outside surely you at best would only get 180 degrees of sky to look at. Think long term also - like do you want to get into photography at any point because if you do start saving. If you just happy observing i've heard the 130 is a decent enough starting point, but do (and here is the best advice I was given) get a copy of 'Turn left at Orion' it will show you exactly what you can expect to see. Nothing worse than seeing Hubble pictures and thinking you'll get anywhere close to them. Really though, get that book! Paul
  8. Thanks Rob, Do you use the setup on your signature for AP? as so many people say the EQ5 is not well equiped to handle the 200p + camera?
  9. Mogga

    Hi from Suffolk

    Hi Lee Welcome to SGL and Suffolk for that matter! Have you got your scope yet? Bad news is that tonight will be cloudy, but you will be able to get your new toy out of the box and find your way round it without any pressure. The good news is depending on where exactly you are in relation to Bury St Edmunds you could get a clear night tomorrow. MET Office says BSE is clear between 7-10 and partly cloudy 10-1, I'm in Ipswich and I'm clear right through from 7, so if your East of BSE it could be good for you. Good luck!
  10. Ok, so I've finally gone out and bought myself a DSLR camera. Went for the Canon 1100D. I am really interested in photographing DSOs. I would like to know what I need to connect to my scope (SW Explorer 200p). I know I need a T-ring, but what type and also do I use my eyepieces in conjunction when shooting DSOs, if so how do I incorporate them? Any help would be much appreiciated, cheers.
  11. I've got an EQ5 mount and there is now way on earth (or deep space) I would attempt to carry that more than a few hundred metres, even broken down! That thing weighs a ton! I'm a fairly hefty bloke and not weak by any means so suggesting you can move from site to site without a car would be utter madness. It is an easy set up though, so fine if you want go short distances!
  12. I am too a noob and just had Turn Left At Orion delivered, haven't had a chance to put the learnings into practice yet due to clouds. It's a personal choice but I can't wait to find a galaxy or nebula on 'my own' as I am certain the satisfaction of finding them by yourself would beat a computer finding them for you by some distance.
  13. I would really love to know how you were looking at saturn without a tripod?
  14. Great post as so many have pointed out. This can only be because of they way everyone else felt when they first saw Saturn. My first view was only a few weeks ago on the day I got my Expolorer 200p and was treated to 2 nights of clear skies (none since mind). I ran into the house to share my excitement - It is fair to say my family did not appreicate my enthusiasm, I will beat it out of them soon.
  15. OK guys Thanks for your help, very informative as always. Note to self ~ Learn to walk before attempting a shot at Usain Bolt's world record! I'll get the book and a webcam and start from there. Cheers
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